The Spirit World (Reikai) has a system in which they rank all beings within the three worlds, including the Living (Ningenkai) and Demon Worlds (Makai). Demons of this strength aren't strong or smart but they are incredibly violent. Or Maybe when Toguro carried a stadium ring slab on his shoulder. 2. That being said, there is no feat to identify Toguro as being able to obliterate a small mountain with his srength. >destroys old tag partner for not keeping up with his power level >runs through the roster while hyping up the big PPV match with top babyface >beats down manager for attempting to interfere in main event >puts over top babyface clean in a 5 star match >retires and turns face by thanking his opponent for forcing him to use 100% of his power >> Toguro was at least large mountain level. He used a lot of its energy to revive gamemaster. Sensui is a master of all martial arts, spirit energy, and lastly Soul energy. Fact: Nappa one-shot a city with ease. Demons who possess this strength are said to be godlike in power and are so strong that they're unable to exist within Ningenkai without affecting the fabric of reality. I don't think anyone will disagree with me. Because it is required life energy, it does not strengthen him. He was an upper B class demon. B classes are far more powerful than C classes, but they still can't compete with the higher classes. I'm raw power!The Juggernaut when defending against Cyclops' Optic Blasts, (X-Men: Evolution) I can't believe it! Mihawk is at Full power. That's already above hand grenade level. This puts him in a parameter between Goku vs. Frieza's base power levels (3 million) and when they go to Kaio Ken x20 vs. 50%. Let me know your opinions, did i miss something obvious? However, compared to most demons they are very weak. Toguro’s Full Power. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 3. The ability to push one's power beyond their limits at the cost of experiencing a crippling hindrance. 10 Elder Toguro That said, DBZ power scaling is freaking absurd. YuYu Hakusho Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The strongest known level of power in the series. In the final bout in the Dark Tournament, Yusuke is the only hope against the seemingly invincible Toguro! S and E classes are very rare, E class is so weak that they simply don't last long and technically don't even show up on the Spirit World's chart. The general personality of the S-class is to be very reserved, not often letting their emotions decide things, but rather experience. By comparison Toguro would be approximately Semi-Perfect Cell. Hiei killed 500 A class demons without breaking a sweat. Prior to the Keikai barrier's removal, A-class demons could not move between the worlds without aid. While Yusuke, at his absolute strongest, would possibly be post-King Kai Goku. Toguro can absorb nearby life energy, once he reaches 100%, though it is not necessary, at that point. Yusuke has never been one to refuse a challenge, agreeing instantly. That proves that … S classes are the highest class (the pinnacle of power). Frieza in his Final Form wasn't able to destroy Namek instantly with 1 shot. This detaches them from humanity, making them similar to ascended beings, as seen with Yomi, Mukuro and Raizen, three S-classes that have managed to rule the Makai for centuries. Given Toguro's years of training, plus his demon energy, Yusuke was at an amateur level at best. Series 3, Episode 6 14+ CC HD CC SD. I think you are pretty spot on. I feel like a lot of the more powerful attacks in YYH are entrapment attacks. 4. The second to lowest class. This class is where the strength level skyrockets and is the beginning of the upper class demon strength, where the difference between the previous classes is absolutely enormous. They are first introduced during Genkai's Tournament via the Punching Machine and shown again in the Three Kings Saga where they are read using devices exclusive to Yomi's kingdom. The Saint Beasts (Genbu, Byakko, Seiryu, Suzuka) as well as most of the demons in the Dark Tournament, all fall within this class of demons. I estimate this by acknowledging Sensui, who is an S class, shook the earth upon reaching 20% of his power, with further percents risking destruction of the planet. In both the anime and manga, C Class has the biggest roster of characters in the series. Sensui is the same. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the YuYuHakusho community, Press J to jump to the feed. Frieza's power level in his 1st form was 530 000, while Goku's in Saiyan Saga was a little above 8 000 (though in the anime, his power level was above 9 000). Toguro was capable of making people's heads explode with a flick of his finger at not even 1%. This is about average strength for most demons. Dark Tournament Saga Yusuke-99 Yusuke (powered up)-104 Yusuke (Spirit Gun)-130 Yusuke (Spirit Wave)-156 Yusuke (Spirit cuffs)-260 Yusuke (w/o Spirit cuffs)-390 Yusuke (Full power)-585 Yusuke (Super Spirit Gun)-878 Kuwabara-65 Kuwabara (Spirit Sword)-98 Kuwabara (Fighting for Yukina)-122 Kuwabara (Trial Sword)-228 Kurama-95 Yoko Kurama-190 Kurama (Some of Yoko's power)-143 Yoko … By comparison, Toguro only ever reached B … He would be low on the star level ranking imo. Ending of YYH is like Vegeta level at the start of DBZ. S class, on the other hand, are the opposite. If he actually attacks you, you're screwed. It does not matter if your opponent is dumb if you lack the power or speed to beat him. The second to highest class, A-class strength level are almost exclusive to Demon World while the Keikai barrier is up; the only exceptions are if a human attains this strength, a demon achieves this level in Human World, or if the barrier is destroyed and demons with this power can traverse to the Human World. Kurama and Hiei also reach the S Class during the Three Kings saga. Yusuke removes the Spirit Cuffs before launching an attack at his nemesis. But Toguro has powered up to his top level … That is strength absolute!Younger Toguro to Genkai after dispersing her Spirit Energy with 80% of his demonic power, (Yu Yu Hakusho) You think that fancy visor's gonna stop me? Sensui's full power was said to be at this level, as was Yusuke's when he came back to life as a demon. Most humans and Spirit World residents fall under this category. It is implied that anyone with a power level of over 200,000 is Upper S Class. Probably higher though. A guide to Younger Toguro's power levels.. skii WET y Therts' s. Ah, Yu-Yu Hakusho...I miss that show...thumb for you sir. Hiei(Toguro fight):187 Kurama:72 Kurama(rose whip):105 Kurama(toguro fight):148 Yoko Kurama:201 younger toguro 20%:87 younger Toguro 80%:187 younger Toguro 100%:209 younger Toguro 120%:299 elder Toguro:124 Karasu:167 Karasu(full power):200 Bui:189 Bui(without armour):200 Genkai(masked fighter):233 Genkai(before death):81 Inside the cave Yusuke:356 Upgrade Toguro Bros. Class to Power 100% Heart Bond [edit | edit source] Level: Description: 4: When class is Power 100%: When unit is at 100% HP, damage taken is reduced by 10%. just gonna refresh people minds on how strong Toguro is. While exceptionally powerful and rare in the Human World, they are relatively common in the Demon World. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yeah you fail to identify feats that exhibit the strength of these characters. Do you totally disagree? He said that he missed the planet's core. These ranks are given based on the being's physical abilities (strength, speed, etc.) Like E-class demons, they usually aren't very intelligent (with few exceptions) or exceptionally powerful; but their strength and endurance is super-human compared to an average human. The weakest class of all. He stopped an Island Level attack by screaming with 50% of his max power in the manga. We aren't even given a data book for his max lifting weight. Here is a list ranking the ten most powerful characters in Yu Yu Hakusho, with the reference point set at the conclusion of the story. Raizen might have possibly been up to first form Frieza, but that might be a stretch. Their power levels fluctuate throughout the series, some increasing by incomprehensible amounts, but others remaining at the same tier. Even thought they have a lot of strength feats. Most higher-level demons consider the Spirit World class system to be insulting as the S class category merely refers to demons they do not have the power to fight or stop. But Toguro has powered up to his top level … Toguro -> 100% Form: Anything above this form requires a constant supply of life energy to maintain. Yu Yu Hakusho power levels Spirit Detective Saga Yusuke-18 Yusuke (Spirit Gun)-23 Yusuke (Enraged)-20 Yusuke (2nd Spirit Gun)-25 Yusuke (2nd Enraged)-24 Yusuke (3rd Spirit Gun)-36 Kuwabara-14 Gouki-17 Demon Gouki-26 Hiei-22 Demon Hiei-33 Genkai's Tournament Yusuke-21 Yusuke (Enraged)-22 Yusuke (Spirit Gun)-27 Kuwabara-17 Kuwabara (Spirit Sword)-24 Baldock-16 … How strong was Toguro? Seriously though, actual Toguro needs to go at least 80% to beat All Might; max power and 120% Toguro probably oneshot. They've initially tested each other. The A class is the third most rarely seen class behind E and S, as most B class demons do not make it to A class, and some of the time when they do, they rapidly progress to S. With some individuals, it only takes a few months to years to reach lower S class levels once in A class, with proper training from strong individuals. Without it, his mass decreases. Toguro was at least large mountain level. Toguro’s Full Power. They are determined by the amounts of Rei-Ki or Youki a person has. None of the YYH cast is beyond planet level at MOST, but I would wager they could take on a fair amount of planet level threats or larger because of their ingenuity and technique. Sensui was small planet level, and I'd rank Yusuke's demon power alone to be several times that of Sensui's power (since he one-shotted him). as well as the amount of spirit/demon energy they possess. Light speed Island level Toguro solos the verse, duh. Remember, Koenmas pacifier wasnt at its full power against Sensui. 2. It is implied that anyone with a power level of over 200,000 is Upper S Class. Origins: Boku no Hero Academia Alias/Aka: Symbol of Peace, No. That's like saying Pre-Hell Training Horohoro could beat Blocken even though there is a Furyoku difference of 158,000. But Sensui was able to resist it with 20% of his power while standing still, and being a threat to all life on earth. Toguro is a very tall man, standing easily over nine feet, being so large that his brother can sit on his shoulders and look vastly smaller in comparison. Toguro powers up to 100% / melts more demons without making contact; Stops a newly amped Spirit Gun with a shout ... the problem is that that is the level of his power but not star level durable. The strongest normal people with spiritual awareness in the world are all D-class. The only time a higher class demon will be found in the Human World is if the Barrier is down or a higher class of demon wears an organic device that downgrades their power, as Hokushin did when he first met Yusuke. Raikage can't hurt Toguro at max power at all. Also, demons they consider S class range from simple foot soldiers to demons that are considered to be like gods. Now power levels above power levels are unleashed between Urameshi and Younger Toguro, heading toward full power with no one yet going down - except those poor unfortunates in the audience. According to Koenma, Hiei was a Upper D-class when he first fought Yusuke. Toguro sports a stereotypical military crewcut hairstyle, and has a long, pointed chin. Toguro only lifted a huge ring and brought down a building with one kick. I personally think they're around star level. The great thing about YYH is that technique and ability reigned supreme over strength and speed. Toguro's Levels. So let's see how he stacks up. Trivia [edit | edit source] These demons are very common and are relatively abundant in both the Human and Demon worlds. Nothing stops me! Toguro takes it, the power creep in the dark tournament was quite high. As for One Piece, the Doriki system was used during the Enies Lobby arc. Raizen possesses Yusuke, and utilizes his demon power to make fodder out of Sensui at full power. Being the strongest in the class system, they are completely humanoid with some nonhuman features like pointy ears, or horns, or none at all, appearing to be completely human. When class is Fighting Stance - Sword: When unit has 10 … To help improve his chances, his master, Genkai, takes him into a cave on the island, where she asks if he is willing to do whatever it takes to win the Dark Tournament. Their strength is so rare that even Spirit Worlds' elite soldiers don't know about them. Also, Nappa is not stupid, he figured out Piccolo's plan to grab his tail easily. The only reason Yusuke lost was because he zoned out in the middle of the fight, otherwise he would've won. Combination of Special Attacks and Double-Edged Power. Yusuke removes the Spirit Cuffs before launching an attack at his nemesis. Demons of this caliber are extremely rare, with only Yomi, Mukuro, Raizen, and Raizen's old sparring partners as the only beings known to have reached this level. He served as the leader of both the Apparition Gang and Team Toguro, alongside his brother, Elder Toguro, Bui and Karasu. However, it is implied by Kurama that more demons of this caliber may exist in seclusion within the deepest depths of Makai. Yusuke removes the Spirit Cuffs before launching an attack at his nemesis. His appearance is remarkably similar to that of a Southern-European man - unlike his older brother's Northern-European appearance -, bearing a noticeable, light brownish skin color. Where would you all put the cast of Yu Yu Hakusho in terms of power, or destructive force? Season 3, Episode 6 TV-14 CC HD CC SD. VS . He is often seen w… According to Koenma, Younger Toguro was an upper B-Class demon when he fought Yusuke at the Dark Tournament. 3. But Toguro has powered up to his top level … Where would you all put the cast of Yu Yu Hakusho in terms of power, or destructive force? Rules: Toguro can only use 80 % unless he needs it. After a whole year of training, Yusuke's power rises dramatically, both his human and demon energy. They are much stronger than E and D classes, but their power pales in comparison to the stronger classes. Koenma believed his pacifier could trap any S class demon with no trouble. They are separated into five classes, from weakest (E-class) to strongest (S-class), with three tiers (upper, mid, and lower) typically in each one. If you think Sensui could beat Yomi, gtfo m8. It is extremely rare for even an A-class to achieve this level, however it has been observed that a strong A-class could achieve upper S-class in less than two years. Younger Toguro, more commonly known as Toguro, was the main antagonist and the final opponent of the Dark Tournament Saga. Power levels are determined by how much strength, stamina, energy and potential a character has.

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