Baked in the oven for time listed, used toaster on #4 setting to finish. Just 5 ingredients, not including the sea salt, which we exclude from the count by convention. I make an open faced breakfast sandwich with a slice of this almond flour bread, plenty of cream cheese and scrambled eggs. I gave this a try and added pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and a little erythritol. I just made these tonight for supper and they turned out pretty good (baked in oven). And when I’m in a hurry, nothing beats enjoying a sandwich on 90-second bread…. Bought the eBooks bundle tonite, but there is a problem with delivery, it seems. The options are endless! For some reason the baking process in the oven causes a bit more “stickage” than when cooked in the microwave. I only like non-scrambled eggs with toasted bread and this recipe did the trick…not real bread toast of course but, it was close enough so a keeper. Also a little lower in carbs, but not much. Hi Hilary, the glass dish was 8 x 6.5 inches. Going to experiment with adding different flavors to it. So easy and quick. My new go to because I love sandwiches. It reduces the net carbs too! Serve just like bread or burger buns. Can you give me amounts for making a whole loaf at a time? Thank you so much! I take a T of whole psyllium husk and put it right in my mouth. I love this 90 second bread recipe! Have been eating burgers bunless, but no more. 1 Tablespoon Cinnamon + 2 Teaspoons 4. 3. Just wanted to say I have just tried this and so far love it (hoping that it was not beginners luck) I have been placed on the FODMAP diet and buying bread to suit gets rather costly. When I put this in carb manager it says 3 net carbs, but I noticed you have it as 1 net carb? Thank you very much for your commitment to finding the perfect , and so very easy, recipes. And because so many of us are in a rush these days, I thought that a 90 second keto microwave bread could help many of you. There is no psyllium husk powder, so if you can't eat psyllium (have digestive issues with psyllium because it's high in fibre), this is one of the best low-carb breads you can try. Hi Lucy, Definitely use blanched finely ground almond flour. Is there any other flour I could use in place of the almond flour? Always appreciate the comments and helpful hints of others but is good as is. Great suggestion! I haven’t tested scaling it up that much for the oven. I HAVE all the ingredients but how much of each am I using? It sounds great! Yay! But in the microwave, the cook time is about 90 seconds. So, what’s the secret to the best 90 second bread with almond flour? Is there a difference between gluten free baking powder and regular? This sounds like it would be a better fit for your needs. Look forward to making all the different ways listed in the comments!! I made this and added Everything But The Bagel mix, cooked it in a Dash Mini Waffle Bowl maker and it was wonderful. I didn’t have the psyllium husk powder either, but since I’m not gluten intolerant I used Vital Wheat Gluten (really high protein and low carb – 4 carbs per TBSP – and this recipe calls for only one tsp! Because of it, I’ve been able to make keto bagels, low carb tortillas , coconut flour tortillas, low carb pizza crus t and even low carb chocolate cake!. Same texture and feel of fresh bread. Thank you for the useful tips Tara, I appreciate that! Let me start this post by saying that I am not vegan nor I am following a Keto-type of diet. Click on the times in the instructions below to start a kitchen timer while you cook. And thanks for adding the storage portion. Easy as pie. Hi Robyn, Yes but it will probably be a bit more fragile than it would be with psyllium husk powder. The buns are less moist and they dry and toast better than when using psyllium. It was delicious! Do you like this recipe? I just ordered the containers from Amazon. Worked great. Psyllium husk is the amazing ingredient that makes these almond flour tortillas a plant-based keto recipe. can you provide the manufacturer? The container in your Amazon link is 8 x 6 x 3. Ingredients. You can leave it out, but it will be more fragile and taste more eggy. This low carb 90 second bread with almond flour is chewy, with texture like real bread. Have a great day! Xanthum gum bc I didn’t have psyllium husk powder, and I was very pleased with the results! Thank you for this recipe. Made this a couple of days ago. Does the psyllium help with that? BEST Low Carb Keto Naan Bread Idea – Quick & Easy Ketogenic Diet Recipe – Beginner Keto Friendly – Snacks – Lunch – Dinner – Side Dishes – Appetizers . The best easy keto bread made with psyllium husk health starts in the kitchen large eggs xanthan gum mozzarella cheese sea salt baking powder and 4 more almond flour bread the little pine psyllium husk almond flour baking soda olive oil warm water and 4 more. They are rectangular, so you’d end up with less surface area (and a greater thickness for slicing) than a square container. Hello noodle lovers. I went back to recipe and double checked everything. This almond flour psyllium husk bread has airy pockets and looks just like regular bread. I suppose you can omit the protein powder but the bread will become more crumbly. keto naan bread without psyllium husk. I ate the whole thing and now kicking myself! I love this recipe, you can have fresh bread every morning, sometimes I used cashew flour and it’s works nice too. I can not believe how wonderful it taste as well as the fact that the texture is excellent. It’s so filling, I feel full for hours. This really increased the protein and even though I hate trying new recipes that I have to make substitutions, this was GREAT!! Hi Carla, I think the recipe would still work (although with a slightly different texture) if you used 4 TBS of almond flour and omitted the psyllium husk.

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