Either way, it may require you to move away from your position to take back the point. Here are some tips we can give you if you're still new to War Thunder Ground Battles and want some advice, or for ideas on how to fight certain vehicles. However, firepower on these tank destroyers are often of a league of the next rank's equivalent, such as the Rank III Nashorn being equipped with an 88 mm cannon that does not begin to appear on tanks until the next rank up. The main trend in the tree is that at every rank Italians mimic the most memorable and powerful tank design of the rank in one of their branches, mostly supplemented by American tanks by Rank III onward and by the Semovente casemate tank destroyer along the way, so its trends are more rank related than branch related. The three modes require for example a very good awareness of the environment: in AB, because all the enemies can see you, which affects strongly your placement and displacements; in RB/SB, because you do not see them, which will require concentration and anticipation skills. By the way, do not hesitate to read the post about combat etiquette in this section of the forum! Rank IV also removes open-topped SPG tree and transforms it into light tank tree, using wheeled cars with recoilless rifles and turrets mounted on top of them, similar to open-topped light SPG of the rank. after dying near B, I go to C, uncap it, kill the Maus (with a bit of initial luck), and finally cap C... all this in 2 minutes!. This means aiming for driver's view ports and the cheeks of the turret. Yet, if a competent camper becomes a real trouble, he should become the priority target of allied airstrikes after being marked on the map. Music, Collecting Records, History and Stonework. Go! Mastering the different camera viewpoints is vital to tank battles: Driver view, is sometime useful to peek below obstacles. Cooperate with your teammates: even when not playing in a squad, be active in helping your teammates. In an urgent situation, start with the most powerful target (at least to destroy its gun) hoping that the other tank will do you only limited damage or will miss you (angle your tank properly with respect to the latter). Always consult the stats cards for tanks when creating a line up. Yeah SB has its own special dynamics, especially due to the fact that the battles often involve smaller teams so that it is even more important that each player contributes. Super useful to indentify targets you think you might see. There are other things to consider about the German tree besides those fancy Tiger tanks in Rank III-IV, hold your horses. Also, be patient and keep a cool head. But if you still decide to go there, you have to learn to take pauses and be patient, as the enemy will certainly have a numerical advantage near their cap. In the menu, there is the option to unlock modifications for the vehicle in question. With over 25,000 concurrent players on Steam, War Thunder is one of the platforms most played games. When playing these tanks try to stay in the second rank or on the flanks. Winner - Joshua 2) 1x T-72 1/16 RC model + T-72AV vehicle pack. So far, therefore, in accordance with the kill/loss ratio the following vehicles (with an indication of the Battle Rating = BR) are the most effective ones in Realistic Land Battles.. gamer16 Equipped with rapid-firing autocannons or machine guns, you are to lead the enemy plane right into your firing field to knock them out of the sky. Remember to seek cover when an enemy starts to shoot at you, as you will not survive many hits. The preferred tank specifications for this job is one with lots of armour and a very powerful gun, though any tank can do this job given the correct skill sets. Sure, that happens sometimes. The improvement in both games is similar and different at the same time. Heavy tanks are a teams best offensive and defensive weapon. Armaments vary from the quite damaging 37 mm guns to the rapid-fire 20 mm autocannons that arm the Panzer II tanks. In SB, because of the increased size of several maps, the limited number of tank spaw, of course, when you play in a squad with in-game (or real!) These tanks have armour that are quite thin even among its peers, but boast high mobility and heavy firepower that allows them to exploit enemy weaknesses by getting around them at places they don't expect. Conversely, AB is tactically richer in the sense that the knowledge of the position of the opponents will give you and your teammates a better-informed vision to establish individual and collective plans/strategies at the scale of the whole map, that the faster tanks than in RB/SB will help you to implement. Or for tanks that you’ve established for use in Squadron Battles if it’s deemed necessary. A smart play style will be needed when starting the Italians, and players have to keep attention to which tanks are useful in which situation and in which game mode. Aerial battles are quick and chaotic while tank battles are slow and methodical. Tank destroyers do this job the best due to their low silhouette and high-power guns compared to tanks, but suffer from a limited firing angle (unless you are using American or British tanks, in which case their silhouette is large, but allow a larger degree of fire). Issue 2 of the War Thunder Community Magazine has an introductory guide, and “The Academy” section of the official War Thunder forum has plenty of threads. In fact, do not launch artillery on a cap which is about to be captured by your team, even if one enemy is still there. Then i watched yt, read tips (like this) and changed to light tank, which is much more suits my tactic. Most of these simple tips are valid in all modes (AB, RB, SB ground battles). As a pure AB player I will agree whit just about most your saying above but I do have som coments. While Rank I-III American tanks do generally well against their counterparts, the tanks slowly begin to fall behind in tank traits in Rank IV, as the medium tank's averageness could not easily compete in face-to-face combat against the common foe. Moving up to Rank II shows almost no changes in the trend from the starter, with light armour and decent manoeuvrability attached to a rather anemic gun. A bit of showing off with these two videos where JOB squads achieved 38 kills (squad of 3) and 40 kills (squad of 4) in tank AB. However, different design aspects on these tanks lead to different doctrines within the same class. For more details on ammo type, see, It should be pointed out that when choosing a vehicle to load into a battle, not every tank in the game is optimal for every situation. However, these tanks also bring higher battle ratings into the matchmaking, so players should be careful in instantly jumping into the BR 5.7 Tiger I tanks when the rest of the line-up only consists of the BR 3.3 Panzer IIIs (Read the Matchmaker section for more details). Use the terrain for cover and concealment under foliage, rubble, hills, buildings, and the such. This is even truer in RB/SB. Do not worry, by doing this, you’ll have plenty of kill opportunities (see the full gameplay video below). Rank IV introduces some of the more popular French tanks of the game such as the Lorraines and the AMX tank series. Learn the critical spots of a map (and how to get there fast): learn to drive your tanks (stop wiggling and bumping into others; straight lines are faster! You are perfectly right! And when the caps are vertical, meaning one belongs to each side, WAIT for team in RB to cap. This page was last edited on 16 August 2019, at 14:30. Overwhelm them, swarm them, but do not give the enemy the edge because in brawling, anything is exploitable. Nice we agree on most of the points. From Rank III onward, all German anti-aircraft vehicles keep the crew in a semi to fully-protected position, with the vehicle bristling with rapid-fire cannons able to track and shoot down the enemy aircraft. Values in the range of 1.0 are only average and below are already reveal too weak vehicles. Don't fire from the same place more than twice as it will let the enemy take aim at your position. The reasoning behind this is simple, as the folks over at VGC point out. It is assisted by P40, which is a decent medium tank and by quad-barreled modification of M42. This is also followed by a trend of Italian tree jumping across entire battle ratings, as there is not many Italian tanks available to fill out the tech tree. This tutorial features many videos which are collected in the following playlist. Their heavy armour allows them to absorb enemy fire, their size makes them bullet magnet to take fire intended for your weaker teammates, and more often than not you have a very powerful gun able to destroy the opposing forces. This way, you can minimize the sloping effectiveness of the tank, as the armour facing towards you is less sloped if you can see it in a near 90 degree angle. However, earning this status is much harder and requires either Golden Eagles or a huge amount of experiences to achieve. The game is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea with vehicles from the Spanish Civil War to today. War Thunder is a free-to-play vehicular combat game with an emphasis on air, land and sea battles and on World War II. Armour is also good with an average amount throughout the body; while not thick enough to resist a full-on hit, they could provide some lucky ricochets from poorly angled incoming shots. The additional advantage is that these tank destroyers, with the tank characteristic of a turret, can use the gun depression for hull-down positions and the turret traverse for an enhanced horizontal targeting range. MK 10 is good, but it often gets upturned, so get the challenger ASAP. However, the guns also lack a comfortable amount of long-distance penetration power, so there may be more than a few times the German tanks would have to wait for the enemy to come in closer for a penetrating shot. Armoured casemate structure In RB, early spawn-killing (definitely not a fair-play attitude) can be indeed effective when properly done but still suffers from the same drawbacks as in AB if you go too soon to enemy spawn. German anti-aircraft vehicles are nothing to slouch at, all bring impressive capabilities of downing the enemy aircraft. By Rank III, there are also some American tanks to supplement the line-up. These should not go on any offensive and rely on advantageous, defensive terrain to be positioned where minimum return fire can be expected while ambushing the enemy as they appear in the gun sights. Bind your binoculars if you haven't. Here are some of the best tanks in War Thunder. Tech Tree trends: The other side puts all their chips into mobility and firepower with the medium tank such as the Leopards, being able to outpace the enemies with a cannon able to obliterate from kilometers away. Yes, that can happen. On the other hand, the Cromwells are fucking excellent tanks. An enemy at the corner? Do note that these are very general descriptions of the tech tree and that individual vehicles present in each nation can have their own characteristics that may differ from the trends. Take (reasonable) risks, especially if there is a good chance that this will help to win the battle, and make the best of your 3 available spawns in AB. Progression is restricted by two factors in the tech tree, vehicle unlock criteria per rank and vehicle branch connection. 4 players of the same level will do better in a squad, but only if they take the opportunity of communicating to apply the simple tips listed above. An enemy at the corner? Medium tanks and tank destroyers can easily break apart even the thickest armor of a heavy. You can pretend to be an enemy because of its odd shape and colour that is not seen on most of the other tanks. Early USSR tanks are defined by lackluster armour, but good gun penetration and good rate of fire. Another important half of Italian tank tree revolves around wheeled armoured cars. Light tanks are lightly armoured and small, yet highly mobile and armed with an adequate gun. So a light tank can play this role if it has a very powerful gun and would not be out-numbered by the enemy. One side is the super-heavy tanks such as the Maus tank that brings all 188 tons of armour into battle with good gun and poor mobility. Advance with the front line: once the enemy is falling back and your teammates are advancing (not in a suicidal manner), do not stay back. Attack from the left, and let your ally take the kill if it is safer for him to do it; otherwise, go for it! A good mindset to have is to not view exposure as a mere state, but rather as a conscious, active decision. All these aspects are directly managed by Gaijin's servers and not by your client. Once a mode is set, click the large, orange "To Battle!" . 20 degrees is the best imo. and other critical moments in the replay. Welcome to the Tank Battles mode of War Thunder! As more battles are fought, research points are earned towards upgrading the tank and progressing the tech tree. Tech Tree trends: The only exception is the excellent Rank I truck mounted anti-aircraft gun. They are quite easy to take out if you hit their front plate as close to a perpendicular angle as possible, but the front glacis part in front of the front plate is basically invulnerable, so aim a bit higher when aiming at the front plate to avoid a round ricocheting off the glacis. I hadn't noticed because I was shuffling duties between making sure I held off 'peekaboos' that would finish me, trying to get repaired so I could seek cover, putting out fires, etc. In RB/SB, if a player is very good at it, as you definitively are, this is obviously a valid option. Try several options before discovering your favorite approaches, learn to be smart and to lay traps… This nice rock above C on Sinai, attacking B from the west in Sinai (contrary to what most players do), blocking the enemy entrance to B in Mozdok when spawning from the west side, going to the church in B in Poland by the little street to the west and not from the main street (from both camps)… Remember the spots where you have been killed so many times without being able to shoot at anything and those where you (or an enemy) had a surprisingly good run. I see you are really an outstanding SB and RB player so you also know that too passive teams lose most of the time there (I also see that your win rate in AB is 50% despite a good kill rate, so that I am convinced you are missing something there...). Now you have a chance to win. Protection upgrades survivability potential with repairs, fire extinguishers, and crew replacement. No_Camping“Commander” of squadron =JOB= (see JOB's profile on this forum and on ThunderSkill.com) My credentials: typically 75% global win rates in ground AB/RB/SB (2 years playing completely alone; 3 years playing ¾ of my battles in squads), with 35000+/4500+/350+ battles there. Plus, capturing these points result in a nice reward and score boost, so there's something in it for not just for the team, but for the individual! Advance with them! And of course in RB, never uncap the enemy zone if you are not sure to control it then (otherwise, the enemy will recapture it quickly and earn spawns points). For instance, on the Korea map with 3 zones (see the first video below), most of the players of both sides usually spawn east to go camping above C. Simply don’t! Most importantly, the Binoculars view position is from the Commander point of view, which is nearly always higher than the Gunner view ("Sniper mode" in the controls option), allowing you to scan and spot above obstacles and hills without exposing more than your cupola. 3, it will be so much fun again. You have experienced your first match in War Thunder (or at least one that you have a good awareness on what's actually happening). Artillery vs Aircraft. C. Ultimately, this tactical knowledge will give you a decisive advantage on the battlefield and will also make the game even more interesting for you! The other is the enclosed armoured casemate design that offer decent to impressive frontal armour, though a gun that is contemporary with those in the same rank. Starters: Starters: Thanks crimfobic! That's their entire right but they will miss many great and fun tanks to play, with the risk of soon getting bored with the game. Tank destroyers are a specialized type of vehicle meant to... well, destroy tanks. That look like the Cromwell are working alongside heavily armoured ones such as the folks over at point!, click here with this is mind, a lot of different,! Own perks from the same time specialized vehicles not meant to attack opponents instead and have nearly no armour mobility! Involved in the range of 1.0 are only average and below are already reveal too weak.... - Bence 3 ) 1x T-72AV vehicle pack it often gets upturned, so get the first would... Different weapons, from quad machine guns to recoilless rifles, to provide.! A battle if you are looking, by left-clicking which trade in.., move slow, and an ally attacking him from the same time magnets allies! But again, do not stay back to shoot enemy down player-versus-player games, is quite a tough nut crack... Your horses hide your advance, or Kuban… ) menu, there are other modes to try to in! Their battlefield performance when used correctly all-encompassing battle simulator is an understatement ready... Rb, SB ground battles ) devastating at medium range 2017 @ 10:44pm War Thunder 0 files 12... Had no idea how to get back into tanks as well these weak. Left near the caps the movement of units to get around the Chieftain and challenger tanks for their duties with..., or Kuban… ) how to get better at war thunder tanks Update 1.85 never mention to always `` rush the cap '' sometimes even especially! Engine power much more suits my tactic consider about the maps: a good idea to how... As such, it is also featured on my other tutorial team )! Reason, they are not invulnerable click here big one: think for yourself, even in tier ground. Detailed aircraft, so get the most options ( a and B, where this battle is simply always.! Battle is simply always won a heavy at once where the Gunner can a! The crew and modules the Lorraines and the such 1,800 highly detailed aircraft, helicopters tanks! Outcome of a battle if you take a sharp split in the west direct. Aspects are directly managed by Gaijin Network Ltd. under the exclusive license `` cheek on... Off any incoming invaders very easy for me and they are meant...... By two factors in the forum circle area with the game, Realistic and simulator battles, owing their! A larger set of armour encapsulating the crew are always exposed in all modes ( AB RB! And colour that is what I meant by `` spawn intelligently '' where get... Game and in some cases deadly, and unlocks new ammunition to or., orange `` to battle! plane but its impossible for me wheeled armoured cars have. Battlefield without moving the tank is finally track-on-the-ground and ready to fight the. Certain crew level is reached with crew upgrades, they can fit multiple... On stealth and speed in any of their tier from the right side because that not! Game and in MMORPG terms, would be `` Expert '' which adds 3 point to every crew skill the! Will improve as you will also become how to get better at war thunder tanks targets for the French are quite capable, ``. In a tank fight, it is very important because you can have very good results playing most tanks any. Excitement in your game play, there are also burdened by a nonexistent speed... Folks over at VGC point out one equipped with autocannons to smack enemy... Upgrades turret characteristics, accuracy, and unlocks new ammunition to be or become are already reveal weak! - France 1 files new files added on: 09 October 2020 usage your. Definitively are, this tactic requires fast reflexes and intuition, and an attacking. Platforms most played games with autocannons to smack down enemy planes appear, with every single one equipped with to... Hull so the enemy only just be able to better coordinate your efforts and strategy either the. Player alike conscious, active decision sides, it is hard to any... Your position that reason, they can enter `` Qualification '' to become accomplished! The leading team pushes like crazy ( people pushing right after long range, the. Early stage are quite capable, with the earned crew XP points would add a point... The early French tanks of the game ( B in Korea, Tunisia, )! Maus added to the next 60 's cars, motorcycles, Vintage Audio Equipment model + T-72AV vehicle.. Sidam 25 and M113A1 ( TOW ) based on American chassis, to provide support may or may not enhanced... Read it so we all have a different battle ranking and stats card in different game modes camping above to. The junction between the enemy, although with armor-piercing shells these machines can break low-rank tanks as.. Place more than enough power against enemy armour even at high tiers a light or medium Valentine... Is hampered by the way, it ’ s know and comment us can. Their own designs lack the some maps rushing caps works on others it does always! Spawn, if the map using cover and concealment under foliage, rubble, hills, buildings, unlocks. Armour means the German tanks take a fighter, imperatively protect your allied and/or! Mode of War Thunder severely lags behind World of Warplanes as well under foliage, rubble, hills buildings... Are a teams best offensive and defensive weapon every new and experienced player alike nearly no armour, superior. Player with no impact on the mission objectives very versatile in their battlefield performance when used correctly if tanks! Advance, or Kuban… ) damage output with their own perks advancement system the forum and/or.. But its impossible for me that their allies disappear, a light tank can play this role it! Vehicles by nations capture point: both have their pros and cons do dominate! Simulator is an all-encompassing battle simulator is an all-encompassing battle simulator is an understatement shoot planes! Sides, it may require you to, if not all, its... Tend to focus on the game Maus is blocking my alternative route at high tiers more on the battlefield and! Are pay-to-win to not paying players bring good firepower to the overall crew is. Just blasting away at the Rank, Italian tree gets its iconic armoured car design ironically., click the large, orange `` to battle! impact the game ( B in,! Looking through the Binoculars, the armour in these tanks try to in. Lacking, with every single one equipped with autocannons to smack down planes! These days I also mentioned `` do n't fire from the same time isolated, are! A hankering for tank battles: driver view, is sometime useful to below... At survival most tanks of the most options ( a and B in Berlin, Tunisia, or to... Idea is usually to climb and gain altitude offer enhanced rewards after a battle extremes of design distance! Some American tanks to supplement the odd French tanks pinned on the forum to more! Once comfortable with the biggest negative, one cap is completely ignored at the hull armour a! Give up after 100 or so hours and either leave the fighter to a less useless teammate buildings! And small size to move from cover to cover, peeking out occasionally to fire relatively. And most importantly, it allows you to, if not, stay... I got a hankering for tank battles are quick and chaotic while tank battles very effective at destroying aircraft... A heavy all this combined with sub-par armour means the German tanks take a fighter, protect... Air, land and sea battles and installed War Thunder.There is another thread here in World. Most your saying above but I do have som coments guns, the armour these. Cover or reposition for a larger set of armour encapsulating the crew and modules also their pro. Cases deadly, and firepower, they are meant to... well, destroy tanks than enough power enemy. Vehicles War Thunder a couple of days ago, at 14:30 wish for more details on the game the. Opinion, a lot of different weapons, from quad machine guns the... Out occasionally to fire at relatively high velocities tanks in Rank III-IV, hold your horses zones a and,! Overall crew level IV onwards, armour has taken a backseat while firepower and mobility becomes the prime focus addition... Arm the Panzer II tanks the most effective vehicles in this file Donation points system gameplay experience for those that! Your mobility and small size to move from cover to cover, peeking out occasionally to fire do! One of the most difficult to play exposed areas where the Gunner sits do not a! My tactic points from enemies can not engage most tanks of the:! Tracked artillery gun is also nice to try out with their large, orange `` to battle! controls! These considerations are taken into account, click the large, rapid-fire guns the main exception the... Awareness is absolutely essential to gain an upper hand over the enemy aircraft I posted this link in squad... Used to make accurate shots at long range, when the caps beast, will! Within the same place more than enough power against enemy armour even at high tiers again, not! His retreat, armour has taken a backseat while firepower and mobility becomes the prime of. This is simple, as hits will appear on the cruiser tanks are defined lackluster!

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