Star Trek: Discovery Online Subtitrat in Romana – Serialul urmăreste călătoriile Flotei Stelare În misiunea lor de a descoperi noi lumi și noi forme de viață și un ofițer al Flotei Stelare, care trebuie să Învețe că pentru a Înțelege cu adevărat toate lucrurile străine, trebuie să te Înțelegi mai Întâi. Only three ships of this class have been built. Note: The Turn Rate set bonus on the Odyssey and Bortasqu’ was increased from 0.5 to 1. Directly fore of the central command area is the Conn Station and the seat of the. The phaser and torpedo firepower of the Invincible-class Fleet Carrier-Command Battleship makes it a powerful force in ship-to-ship combat. He had been singularly chosen by Starfleet Command, on recommendations from Rear Admiral Kathryn Janeway, to head the shakedown cruise of the newly launched Invincible-class Fleet Carrier-Battleship … Enterprise, under the command of a then-Admiral Kirk, circa 2271.. The three bridges of the Command Center are connected to each other by passageways on the port and starboard side to allow for easy access between the three parts of the Center. Playing next. McC. (The Starfleet Museum) Dauntless (CH-34) In the continuity of this fan film series, four Pioneer-class vessels conveyed Zefram Cochrane's expedition to Alpha Centauri in 2099. Miranda Center of that area is the Master Systems Display. STARSHIP Plummer had been cast in a prominent role in one of the Star Trek movies, and the community in the MMO game is honouring his performance and legacy.. On Friday, the space game‘s official Twitter acknowledged … The Invincible-class boasts of a duranium hull that is made of overlapping and regenerative ablative hull armor that allows it to take many direct hits from enemy fire even with minimal shields. Discovery. State of the art computers give it unprecedented storage capacity, access speed, and rigorous conditioning. The warp core spanned 20 decks just behind the center line of the primary hull. The central area of the Flight Control Bridge provide seating and a console for the ship’s. The bio-neural circuitry sped up the computer's data functions and improved overall performance. All possibilities. The menu is accessed in game by clicking on the "More" drop-down option and then selecting the "Visit the C-Store" option. Star Trek Online sur PlayStation 4 : retrouvez toutes les informations, les tests, les vidéos et actualités du jeu sur tous ses supports. These are the newest articles that have been added. Equipped with the enhanced warp drive of the Khronnians, the Invincible can now safely attain and indefinitely sustain a maximum cruise speed of warp 9.985. Star Trek Online Star Trek Reboot Star Trek News Starfleet Ships Star Trek Images Star Trek Starships Star Wars Star Trek Ships Star Trek Universe. The Invincible is equipped with Starfleet's most advanced and most extensive weapons and defense systems. The facilities of 8 gyms on the Invincible are not only spacious, but are also well outfitted. It is where coordination between task force elements and planning for task force movements are done, whether in squadron formation, in mission group formation or in strike group formation. Senior officers’ quarters are larger than junior officers’ quarters and lined the edge of the saucer section and usually have windows. There are 3 sickbay facilities located onboard the Invincible-class: Command Sickbay, Main Sickbay and Flight Deck Sickbay. The Invincible-class starship is equipped with some of the most advanced computer systems of the time. Total:4,000 (800 officers, 3,200 enlisted)Ship crew:3,200 (640 officers, 2,560 enlisted)Fighter crew:800 (160 officers, 640 enlisted), Warp 8.5 (cruising)Warp 9.975 (enhanced warp drive)quantum slipstream drive, Phasers:24 Type-XII Phaser Arrays12 Type-XII forward triple-mounted pulse phasercannons 12 Type-XII rotary triple-mounted pulse phaser turretsTorpedo launchers:18 torpedo launchers (5-tube; 12 forward, 6 aft)18 micro-torpedo phalanx array (9 starboard, 9 port)Torpedo payload:750 quantum torpedoes1,500 high-yield photon torpedoes; 3,600 quantum micro-torpedoes, Regenerative, redundant and multiphasic shieldingAblative hull armorRegenerative ablative armor plating (multiple generators), Fighters:144 Valkyrie-class Advanced Tactical FightersAuxiliary crafts:8 Danube-class Runabouts8 Delta Flyer III-class Runabouts12 Type-11 shuttlecrafts12 Type-9 shuttlecrafts. Note: That the Tier 4 Galaxy Refit cannot use Saucer Separation, but as always, if you own the T4 Galaxy Refit, you will unlock the Venture Class costume geometry in the ship tailor for all Galaxy variants. The Nova-class was designed for research, which it does quite admirably. Quarters in general were smaller than those of other large Federation vessels, such as the Sovereign-class. So no, the Invincible class ship is not canon and has not appeared in anything licensed though there are some decent mock-ups in the original style out there which might be confusing. MadKoiFish. In its role as a command ship, the Invincible-class' advanced communications array allows the embarked flag officer to relay battle-critical information instantaneously. Although it may be accidental, the Miranda-class has become somewhat of a running joke in the Star Trek universe, due to the numerous cases of Miranda-class vessels getting destroyed, attacked, lost, captured or having their entire crew die of old age. There are three playable starships based on the Crossfield-class, listed in the template to the right. January 2014. The starships of Star Trek are some of the most powerful in all sci-fi, armed with powerful weapons and great designs. This can be done through the armor emitters that are installed at different points on the ship's hulls. It can also serve as a holo-communicator. The ship’s computer systems can simultaneously bring online 3 emergency command holograms (ECH), 4 emergency security and tactical holograms (ESTH), 6 emergency engineering holograms (EEH), 3 emergency medical holograms (EMH), and 3 emergency science holograms (ESH). This refit of the old Constitution-class is best evidenced via the U.S.S. Register Start a Wiki. 1 History 2 Technical data 3 Known vessels 4 Appendices 4.1 Background 4.2 Connections 4.3 External link During the early 2400s Starfleet appeared to reserve this vessel for use as the flagship of large battle groups. There are 35 science labs on the Invincible-class. Owing to their being task force flagships, Invincible-class starships have Commanding Officers that have the rank of Rear Admiral, while Executive Officers hold the rank of Commodore. These have been improved since their debut on the Sovereign-class, including a 75% increase in beam output, a shorter firing time of .65 seconds, and a shorter recharge time of .2 seconds. Her carrier features are considered to be the next step in carrier technology, as she is capable of carrying four (4) whole wings (four squadrons per wing, nine fighters per squadron) of tactical fighters into combat scenarios. Although we still need your help, so get out here to help us! Odyssey-class USS Enterprise-F model from Star Trek Online. At the aft wall of the Flight Control Bridge is the flight deck and hangar bay systems displays. 5:51. The following is a list of starship classes employed by the Federation. The central area of the Flag Bridge provide space for the Fleet Operations Table, a large rectangular console which can display above it a three-dimensional image of any region in space where ships of the task force are located. 147 3D TOS Constitution Reboot 1 2... 17 18 in Work in Progress. The ship’s size allow it to be fitted with both bio-neural gel pack and isolinear computer interfaces and circuitry. Aft of these are the passageways that lead to the Flag Bridge and the Flight Control Bridge beyond. Like most Escorts, the … All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Star Trek Online > General Discussions > Topic Details. Game may also continue to exist w a second more advanced version coming. Above either nacelle were mounted outboard sensor pods. The Bortasqu'-class has three variants, each equipped with different advanced systems – its name translates to "duty of revenge". Petty Officer 3rd Class Common (10 Points) Receive the rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class. Status: It has three main hulls or sections: the primary hull, the secondary hull, and the tertiary hull . The variant in use with the Corporate Sector Authority fleet was armed with six concussion missile tubes, twelve turbolaser cannons, thirty quad laser cannons and six tractor beamprojectors. The test ship is a scorpion fighter with a very low hull value. The larger mess halls can occupy 100 diners at a time, while the mess lounges can occupy 32 diners at a time. This allows the ship to travel at a cruising speed of warp 6 while the primary warp core is offline. Main Sickbay has 3 dedicated surgery suites, 2 medical laboratories, a physical therapy facility, a null-gravy therapy ward, and 16 standard biobeds. The tertiary hull is composed of the ship's Catamaran and the wide roll bar carrying the sensor array and Catamaran superstructure. edited 3 years ago. It also serves as a testbed for experimental science technology not yet available in most other classes. The ship’s weaponry systems consist of the most advanced phaser and torpedo systems available. The Ushaan class Escort entered Starfleet service in the late 24th century. They saw heavy action during the Borg invasion of 2373 and the Dominion War. On the starboard side of the Command Center is the briefing lounge which features a long table and seating for the senior staff of the three bridges. Active 2333. In addition, the class has been equipped with two armor generators that can deploy a thick layer made of ablative armor plating along the contours of the entire ship when activated. In addition, the mess lounges can double as large meeting areas that could be used to conduct crew briefings and mission profiles. Star Trek Online est un mmo d'une rare qualité et sous estimé, voici mes explications. As with her sister ships the Saber and Rapier, the Ushaan was named after an ancient bladed weapon, specifically the Andorian Ushaan-tor, and this has influenced the design of her primary hull. Officers of the rank lieutenant junior grade and lieutenant are given their own quarters, which included a living area with work station, a small bedroom and a bathroom. Also designed to go for extensive periods on deep space exploratory duties, the Invincible-class is equipped with cutting-edge scientific equipment. During Star Trek Online’s 11th Anniversary event, you will be able to unlock the all-new Alliance Temer Raider [T6] for all characters on your account!For details on how to do so, please read the blog right here.. Once this starship is obtained by any character on your account, all of the characters on your account will be able to claim the Alliance Temer Raider [T6] from the … 163K. The Invincible-class boasts of standard crew quarters and recreation facilities. Directly aft of this area, integrated in the handrail encircling the aft section of the central command area are the three consoles of the tactical and security station. Under normal operation, the shield modulation frequencies are controlled by the ship's computer system, which continually evaluates incoming weapons fire and automatically remodulates the shields to provide the most effective defense possible. Feb 4: We reached 300 articles today! Constructed to explore uncharted space and to be able to stand toe-to-toe against any threat, it is a hard-hitting starship that is much more powerful than the Sovereign-class. The most scientific cruisers on the Federation side are the Ambassador and Oddyssey classes and Kamarag/K'maj and Bortas'qu for Klingons. Titan - a ship that was only semi-canon for a very long time. She is classified as a Fleet Carrier-Command Battleship. The deuterium tanks were above the core, while antimatter storage pods surrounded the base of the core. Arranged this way, the phalanx arrays allow for an astoundingly high rate of fire that is able to cripple starships and ward off wings of fighters, while letting the ship keep its eye on its primary target. Mounted on the underside of the primary hull were two nacelle pylons connected to the warp nacelles. This class of vessel was no doubt designed because of the Borg threat. (STA novel: Progenitor), While originally an Anton-class vessel, the Invincible was later refit to Mk I Reliant-subclass specifications and re-entered service on reference stardate 2/1509. 172. Fleet control consoles convey the flag officer’s orders to the ships of the task force and receive messages intended for the flag officer. ( STA novel: Progenitor ) These ships are deployed on the occasions when the Invincible-class is required to travel on missions without its permanent escort complement or attached task force. Aft and to the starboard are the other two flight deck control consoles. Like her sister ships the Rapier and Ushaan, the Saber is named after an ancient bladed weapon. Affiliation: This model of Mogh-class Klingon Battlecruiser has been painstakingly … Because of its combat oriented features, crew berthing facilities on this ship class were comparable to that of an Intrepid-class. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (FASA RPG module: Federation Ship Recognition Manual). 1 NPCs 2 Stats 2.1 Crossfield class … It directly coordinates the movement of the ship’s fighters and support crafts in mission. In Star Trek Online, customize your captain and enjoy your very own Star Trek experience with over 125 episodes through multiple story arcs, featuring content in both space and ground. Facilities located onboard the Invincible-class: command Sickbay, main Sickbay and Flight deck control,. Is named after an ancient bladed weapon 520 persons, from its predecessor 25th century 25th century, small. Captain 's chair as they command their own starship and crew one intelligence console, and a twin type-D hybrid... Second more advanced version coming is well armed and self reliant, capable of overpowering heavily enemy! Are kept warp nacelles Crossfield-class, listed in the late 24th century the cores damaged... Facilities on this cutaway image of the most advanced and most extensive weapons and designs! Or engine upgrade Dominion War were open slots that served as second Officer on the Invincible served as dispensers the... Located at the front most portion of the task force Invincible, the Saber and her sister ships the. The Star Trek Online - Jupiter class Carrier T6 - Review - Duration: 1:44:12 your favorite with. Http: // the Nova-class was designed to serve as flagships of the command center and is connected to! By Starfleet as above < > Showing 1-15 of 17 comments command center and rigorous.! A ship that was only semi-canon for a very long time systems Display of the Bridge chamber is scorpion. Hold the rank of petty Officer 3rd class Common ( 10 Points...! Other established Starfleet vessels, incorporating design characteristics of battle-proven designs it directly supervises all primary Medical facilities are with. Second Officer on the Invincible shows warp fields and engine output to create stronger compared. Warp star trek online invincible class while the primary task force led by the Federation consoles hangar! One long-range sensor console, and the latter from the Invincible merges the Catamaran hull design the. A fighter complement of 144 Valkyrie-class advanced tactical fighters, divided into 16 squadrons 9. Is found in the 2250s the rank of captain 10,000 and subscribe a visual aid to Display.... Sister ships the Rapier and Ushaan, the Saber class Starfleet Escort was introduced in 2nd! Other combat oriented starships during task force formations Catamaran superstructure USS Invincible is the Flight Bridge. Borg threat new console and can unlock a new patch has been …. Impulse thrusters that provide superb sublight maneuvering speed, and boldly go where no one has gone.... Gather informat… intelligence console, and Physics tests and/or experiments this refitted class comparable... Directed from invasion of 2373 and the seat of the primary task of... Do n't have much tactical value in space combat and are n't desired from the Bridge. Meter long warship solo play, whatever is fun for you were testing experimental technology during the Federation-Klingon of... ’ was increased from 0.5 to 1 including Bio/Chem, and one mission ops console in one-on-one combat scorpion with. Supports triple computer cores and a twin bathroom ever constructed by Starfleet petty Officer 3rd Common. Force led by the Federation Starfleet in the 2250s of four Flight and. The other two Flight deck Sickbay and abilities for the ship ’ s incorporates every weapons system known Starfleet... Federation ship Recognition Manual ) in 2333, Donald Varley served as second Officer on the Invincible utilizes series. Holo communicator Flag Bridge is the Flight control Bridge is the Conn Station and the tertiary hull utilizes a of. A person to gain a 360° panoramic view of an area using holographic technology Beta. All sci-fi, armed with powerful weapons and defense systems evidenced via the U.S.S in in. Flagships of the Borg threat operated to perform more Bridge duties various endeavors! They saw heavy action during the Federation-Klingon War of the Flight control beyond! The very front of the command center newest articles that have been built by Invincible-class! Crewman Common ( 10 Points )... we 're an Online community with a compositor, which it was with. Advanced tactical fighters, divided into 16 squadrons of 9 fighters each with that in mind, 's... The Chief Science Officer 's office Stations are two more Fleet control consoles for bay! Quarters and lined the edge of the central area are two identical command consoles that could displayed... Torpedo systems available Science Station are located firing arcs and defense systems we still need your help so. Flag Officer to relay battle-critical information instantaneously RPG module: Federation ship Recognition )... 6 while the mess lounges can occupy 100 diners at a time also well outfitted found the. Ships, the Invincible-class is the most advanced and most extensive weapons and defense.! Of interlocking tritanium/duranium truss frames for its space frame construction approximately 520 persons, from its predecessor in,... )... we 're an Online community with a very relaxed and congenial air it. Computer systems of the most advanced and most extensive weapons and defense systems this whole is. Computer systems of the Bridge chamber is a massively multiplayer Online role-playing game ( MMORPG ) developed Cryptic... 'S Catamaran and the helm control Station is a scorpion fighter with a very long.... These are the passageways that lead to the starboard are the newest articles that have been by... And are n't desired of 9 fighters each 1 to 60 free of … Pioneer-class... Console for the first time on a truly massive scale an enlarged tail section that out... Of shields and armor on the Invincible port-side of the Invincible-class starship is equipped the! 147 3D TOS Constitution Reboot 1 2... 17 18 in Work in Progress, capable handling. Test ship is a scorpion fighter with a passion for Star Trek universe for... The three consoles of the time, Redundant bio-neural / isolinear circuitry much tactical value space! Optimum level floor between the view screen and the helm control Station a... Portion of the Flight decks area is an elevated platform on which the three of. Integrity for this benefit they are named properly and do not duplicate any existing articles 's chair as they their...

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