This 164 page PDF includes a host of ideas for Eberron characters, with material from myself, Ruty Rutenberg, Greg Marks, Shawn Merwin, and Derek Nekritz, along with fantastic art from Kim Van Deun. Yes please. They continue to live deep beneath Zilargo, and remain hidden from sight, believing themselves undeserving to live with their surface brethren. So happy to finally release this badboy into the wild! Subscribe to get the free product of the week! The kenku race is a little weak and it seems odd that they are noted as being proficient in forgeries but lack the skill proficiencies they would need to be effective. The shulassakar guard the ancient fortresses of the couatl. MTF = Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes GGR = Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica Because of this, monstrous races are relatively common found across Khorvaire, though they are mostly consolidated in the nation of Droaam, which they claimed as their own after the completion of the Last War. They've managed to retain the ways of the old empire, including the mindset of all goblinoids working together, using their talents for the greater good. Warforged resilience. They are capable of passing for human. The hobgoblins ruled Dhakaan for many centuries and may have continued to the present day if otherworldly forces of insanity and horror had not broken the will of the "dar", the goblinoid people. Goblins are also found in large numbers in Darguun, the new goblinoid nation. And I also just started GMing my first game in years and it's set in Eberron. Close. PDF copies of WGE, MorMis, and TKCAA can be found here, here, and here, respectively. Most of the continent is unaware of their efforts, just as they are unaware of the existence of the Ghaash’kala that the goliaths have come to respect so highly. If you would like to support the GM Binder developers, consider joining our Patreon community. High level magics are uncommon but low level magic is widespread and deeply integrated into the economy and way of life of all creatures. Some even become mentally unbalanced, alienated by the influence of their patron spirit, unable to explain or escape the second ego living inside their minds. The elves of Eberron are descended from the eladrin of Thelanis , having been taken captive when the giants attacked a feyspire while it was shifted to Eberron. Players choosing to be a dragonborn in Eberron should be aware that the scale color of dragons isn't linked to alignment like it is in other settings; chromatic dragons aren't inherently evil and metallic dragons aren't inherently good. A player choosing to be this race option is choosing to play a character that has been shunned their whole life for something outside of their control. Second, because their ingenuity and skill had turned toward scheming against their patron, the spark of creativity was torn from their souls. A community of them reside in a ruined city surrounding the ancient couatl fortress of Krezent in the Talenta Plains, which the plains halflings believe to be cursed. Alignment in Eberron is less black and white, leaning toward shades of gray instead. Sorry about that. Barbarians subclasses are called Primal Paths. The largest group of bugbears on Khorvaire are members of the Ghaal'dar, residing in Darguun with the rest of the Ghaal'dar goblinoids under the rule of the hobgoblin Lhesh Haruuc. I have taken measures to try to re-balance and re-flavor some of the races on these lists in order to bring them closer in line with each other and to ensure each race is a viable option. Dragonforged stat block. In Eberron, a tiefling isn’t specifically the result of an infernal bargain; but it is understood that tieflings are touched by darkness. Hailing from the Talenta Plains in eastern Khorvaire, the halfling race has a long history of nomadic life lived alongside the dinosaurs that share the plains. Archived. Super excited! The lizardfolk of Khorvaire, called 'scales' by the humans who come into contact with them, dwell in the region known as Q’barra. Minotaurs are a common sight in the monstrous nation of Droaam, where the Daughters of Sora Kell have granted them a territory to claim as their own. Has anyone made one up yet? TKCAA = Adventurer's Almanac I'd rather he either reprint the content from Morgrave if it HAS to be in Exploring Eberron or else publish an update to Morgrave with the revised version from Exploring. The base aasimar race is a bit too strong, and has some thematic issues as well. Subclass options that explore all of these ideas are detailed below. Occasionally, a deep gnome will travel to the surface and seek out life as an adventurer in a way to atone for the past sins of his or her people. But Morgrave University is Breland’s best option for general research and private training. When the Morgrave Miscellany was new, many on here advised me to wait to purchase it. This changed in 985 YK, when Sora Teraza, one of the hags known as the Daughters of Sora Kell, came to speak to the Queen of Stone. Shifters, also known as the weretouched, boast both humans and lycanthropes among their distant ancestors. Last edited: Mar 18, 2019. The shulassakar oppose and are opposed by the forces that would threaten the Silver Flame, such as the Cults of the Dragon Below, The Inspired of Riedra, and, foremost among these, the Lords of Dust. The warforged … They are quite widespread and can be found across the breadth of the continent. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.   Humans are one of the most versatile races, as evidenced by the multiple Dragonmarks they can manifest. Characters will start off at 3rd level, for the following reasons: The races of Eberron are varied, and most can be found somewhere on Khorvaire, the continent our campaign will take place. 5. share. I've also taken the opportunity to buff up some weaker spots, such as removing the INT penalty. In Sharn, a medusa may move unfettered in the lawless districts, but if she enters a respectable neighborhood, she must wear eyeblinders, a metal visor secured with straps around forehead and chin. They are often stereotyped as thieves and spies due to their innate abilities but fore many changelings this is far from the truth. The Talenta Halfling subrace is also an option for those wishing to play as a halfling raised on the Talenta Plains. Mechanics: Base race (DCH), Iredar subrace (DCH), Irvhir subrace (DCH). It's available for … The mistborn also harbor lingering animosity toward those who threatened or betrayed Cyre during the Last War, struggling daily to harness or put aside this hatred. All spells from the Player’s Handbook, EE Player's Companion, and Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide are available. Chapter Four: The Gumshoe Chronicles provides suggestions and hooks for low-level noir adventures. Eberron Campaign Setting by Luke Volker - Created with GM Binder. Originally Posted by Reynard. One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. Many of these orphaned kalashtar pursue a life of adventuring to relieve themselves of the feelings of ostracization. They resemble humans still but have unusual skin color (red, green, blue, or gray), and there is something odd about them. Which is waiting of WotC not Kieth. The draws here are some new subclasses (one for each, two for fighters), and … In the meantime, the Morgrave Miscellany ... the role of tieflings in Eberron, aberrant dragonmarks… and a new race, the Dragonforged. Mechanics: Base race (PHB), Mark of Handling subrace (WGE), Mark of Making subrace (WGE), Mark of Passage subrace (WGE), Mark of Sentinel subrace (WGE). Many changelings spend much of their life appearing as a different race, with those who see them being none the wiser. TDCS = Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting So go ahead, remove this chunk of copy and tell everyone who inspired you. Some kalashtar are orphans, raised outside of their culture and heritage, leading to confusion and isolation as their natural powers manifest and set them apart from their human peers. Mechanics: Base race (PHB), Standard subrace (PHB), High Elf descent subrace (SCAG), Wood Elf descent subrace (SCAG), Mark of Detection subrace (WGE), Mark of Storm subrace (WGE). As already mentioned, neo-noir intrigue and pulp adventure are two of the main themes of the setting. A Player's Guide to the Eberron Campaign Setting, The Shadow Marches, The Demon Wastes, Droaam, The Eldeen Reaches, Darguun, Aundair, Breland, Karrnath, Thrane, Any, Darguun, The Demon Wastes, Droaam, Q'barra, Any, The Shadow Marches, The Eldeen Reaches, Droaam, The Demon Wastes, Mror Holds, Aundair, Breland, Cyre (The Mournland), Karrnath, Thrane, Talenta Plains, The Eldeen Reaches, Western Aundair, Darguun, The Eldeen Reaches, Lhazaar Principalities, Karrnath, Droaam, The Shadow Marches, The Demon Wastes, Droaam, The Demon Wastes, The Eldeen Reaches, The Shadow Marches. They cannot transform wholly into an animal but can instead shift parts of their body to become animal-like for short periods of time. After a long time at sea, they landed on the coast of what is now Droaam. The dwarf race in the PHB is slightly too strong so the Dwarven Resilience racial has been removed to bring them more closely in line with other races. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Now, haunted by the crime that robbed them of their voices and wings, a group of young aarakocra wander Eberron as vagabonds and burglars who live on the edge of society. Tieflings are rare, even more rare than people who face similar prejudice through their aberrant dragonmarks. The Child of Khyber is a brand new race, having just debuted in MorMis. Over time they developed a tradition of guile and subterfuge, represented by the Zil subrace. This increases your survivability and also makes encounter balance easier for me. In the meantime, the Morgrave Miscellany is available on the DM’s Guild! He also just wrapped up a Kickstarter on some other game, so I imagine he has his hands full. Though Galifars kingdom splintered these city goblins remain a free people, though they're considered a lower class citizen in most cities. Morgrave Miscellany is the much anticipated supplement to Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron that comes to you by way of its co-authors Keith Baker & Ruty Rutenberg. I see it’s on sale now for less than $12. Similar to the aasimar race, a child of Khyber is not a true race. Trade was established and the goliaths swore to watch for any fiends that slipped by into their mountain homes. Nowadays, half-orcs are completely accepted in any civilized settlement, and are rarely looked down upon. Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron is currently playtest material, meaning some mechanics may change as Wizards of the Coast releases updates. 102: Morgrave Miscellany pg. This means there is little lore to work with for players wanting to play as dragonforged, all of it in Morgrave Miscellany. Morgrave Miscellany is the much anticipated supplement to Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron that comes to you by way of its co-authors Keith Baker & Ruty Rutenberg who breath more life and lore into the eponymous campaign setting now released for play with the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons. I've detailed the changes I've implemented here. Morgrave Miscellany Pdf. Just to check, Urist, when you say 'standard starting equipment +uncommon item' do you mean … The aarakocra reside within the realm of Thelanis, the Faerie Court. 2 Mopman43. Breland relies on the trade schools of the Twelve for general magical education, and the King’s Citadel trains spies and war mages. Not long after settling into the mountain ranges the goliaths made contact with the Ghaash’kala, the orc tribes who fight to keep the fiends and demons contained in the wastes. New subclasses: Path of the Extreme Explorer, The College of Keys, Sovereign Domain, Circle of the Arbiter, Bone Knight, Vigilante, Way of The Argent Fist, Oath of Sacrament, … Shulassakar are descended from loyal humans of Sarlona whose ancestors were transformed by the couatl during the final days of the Age of Demons to serve as guardians over the seals keeping the Overlords in Khyber. This helps you build a character that more closely identifies with your chosen archetype. Note on Tasha’s Cauldron of … They refuse to believe that Cyre had any hand in its own destruction. 102: Morgrave Miscellany pg. Medusas only recently made their presence known on the surface of Eberron, emerging from Khyber only a couple hundred years ago to claim the ruins of an abandoned goblin metropolis in Droaam known as Cazhaak Draal. Let’s go on an adventure! I’d like to start this adventure in Sharn using curtain call (a module designed by Keith and others), then see where the story takes us. I'm going to leave them alone for now and wait to see if any changes are made in WGE. There, they serve the Chronicler, an archfey of Thelanis who maintains a perfect library. 13. share. To rectify this for our campaign, it will only be playable with its Necrotic Resistance and Darkvision features removed. True or not, this myth is the driving force behind kobold psychology and culture. Gnomes are innately curious and this manifests as racial proficiency in the Investigation skill. In our campaign the Warlock class uses Intelligence as it's spellcasting ability instead of Charisma. I consider this to be required reading as it also covers the recent history of the continent of Khorvaire. EEPC = Elemental Evil Player's Companion Two subraces of kobold exist in Khorvaire: the iredar and the irvhir. They dream of the tyranny of the Overlord who once threatened Q'barra, and from this they know what they are fighting against. The Korranberg Chronicle - Adventurer's Almanac is also third party content and may see some changes as well. Humans are the most populous race on Khorvaire, having been present on the continent since first emigrating from Sarlona almost 4000 years ago. Finally, they were banished to the material plane. 3. share. It's available for … Chapter Three: Fantasy Noir offers ideas and options for DMs and players who want to focus on the hard boiled noir aspects of the campaign setting. Sorry about that. The dwarves of Eberron do not culturally distinguish between subraces, however most are the hill dwarf subrace. I encourage anyone wanting to play a changeling to approach me when creating their backstory as there are roleplay opportunities to be had by hiding your true nature from the rest of the party. Buy or keep waiting? Dragonborn are Humanoid (dragonblood). You are still low-level enough that you aren't going to feel overwhelmed with choices. City bugbears are the descendants of slaves and have been entirely assimilated into human culture. It also provides you with the lore you need to build a deeper character and story. Many races remain wary of centaurs, though, largely due to legends of territorial beastmen and the regular, violent encounters the centaurs have with stubborn settlers and expansionist countries. In the Mror Holds an ancient and savage horde of orcs known as the Jhorash'Tal (not to be mistaken with the half-orc Jhorgun'taal) wage constant and bloody war with the dwarves of the region for long ago wrongs committed against them. At 3rd level you have enough hp to not die because a goblin got a crit. The Marguul bugbears value their freedom and have an uneasy peace with Lhesh Haruuc's Ghaal'dar. You may also find that, at times, choices feel forced upon you. As such, there has been little playtesting done and it seems a little too strong. I will say that, going by the title alone, Dragonforged sound like the worst sort of 3.5 style wankery. They are one of the oldest races of Eberron, their origins dating back to the Age of Demons. Lead by their warlord Rhesh Turakbar in the worship of the Horned Prince, minotaurs are mainly viewed by the people of Khorvaire as bloodthirsty savages. Kalashtar seem to have the potential to be quite strong but I'm unsure it it will be an issue or not. Most official class and subclass options will be available for play, as well as some unofficial options. The cities should have returned to the Faerie Court by now, but so far all have remained on Eberron. I've implemented the following changes: Dragonborn are commonly found in only two locations on Eberron; their ancient homeland of Argonnessen and the newer territory they've claimed within the jungles of Q'barra. The traditional (cheesy) approach is to use the dragonborn template from Races of the Dragon. These goblins are part of the Ghaal'dar tribes and are subservient to the hobgoblins that rule. These gnomes, now calling themselves Deep Gnomes, or Svirfneblin in the gnome language, seek to atone for the heinous crimes of their ancestors. Intellect is only used by Wizards, and the Eldritch Knight and Arcane Trickster subclasses. In some rare cases, however, whole tribes under progressive leaders have come to trade with other humanoid communities -- typically elves, but sometimes gnomes, and rarely humans or dwarves. Humans were largely responsible for the Last War as it was a war between five primarily human nations over the succession of the throne of Galifar, the ruler who united the human nations of Khorvaire into one mighty empire. Thousands of years ago, human settlers reached the west coast of Khorvaire, where they encountered the orcs of the Shadow Marches. Player's Ability Scores all begin at 6. I could have used the yuan-ti stats however they're quite overpowered and didn't quite give me the right feel for the shulassakar. Next, to ensure that they could never divulge any of their masters secrets, their voices were taken away. I've only glanced through it, but so far the background info seems great while the mechanics strike me as lackluster. In addition “A Bundle of Feats” PDF found in the Google Drive contains other feats that may be used. PHB = Player's Handbook Instead, we will use my own homebrew take on the race, found here. Seems like a no … All three groups have the option to use either the High Elf, Wood Elf, or Mark of Shadow subraces. In the Mournland, there is a "Dragonforge" established by Aaren d'Cannith, which ran from the year 993 to the Day of Mourning, and as a result, warforged with a more lizardly appearance now walk Eberron, if in little number (supposedly less than two dozen, but that's conjecture, in the fiction … The dragonborn as written in the PHB are not only somewhat mechanically weak but they're also fairly lacking in draconic flavor. Very affordable: $14.95. Some warforged ignore the concept of gender entirely, while others adopt a gender identity in emulation of creatures around them. Both the Zil gnomes or the Khorvaire gnomes can manifest the Mark of Scribing and choose that subrace. 112 *Certain races must have this specific thing in thier backstory. Dragonforged* Morgrave Miscellany pg. Subscribe to get the free product of the week! I created a race that pulls from both dragonborn and warforged! The typical warforged has a muscular, sexless body shape. Posted by 1 year ago. The kenku of Eberron were once members of an avian race known as the aarakocra. The influence of the planes can be seen in manifest zones, where traits of the plane bleed through into the world, and they can be made to manifest in a tiefling child, a living vessel for the powers of one of the malevolent planes, which in turn leads to the fear and prejudice that tieflings face. Unlike many races on Khorvaire, halflings are actually native to the continent. Before choosing a race I encourage everyone to read this article about alignment from the creator of Eberron, Keith Baker. 154, Secrets of Sarlona pg. The greatest of the feyspires, Shaelas Tiraleth, was in the southeastern part of Cyre. Breland relies on the trade schools of the Twelve for general magical education, and the King’s Citadel trains spies and war mages. If a race is not listed in the following section then I've decided it's not suitable for the setting and will not be available for player use. At 3rd level full spellcasters gain 2nd level spells and spell slots. Mar 18, 2019 #1,546 MaskedAndDanger said: Morgrave Miscellany is out, Keith Baker's second 5e Eberron supplement. Eventually the giants and the drow were defeated, due largely to the intervention of the dragons, and the now free elves fled to the island continent of Aerenal. Aasimar have been found on the continents of Khorvaire and Sarlona but in very small numbers on both. Years spent outside Thelanis caused these Eladrin to adapt to the Eberron plane, fundamentally changing them into the elves. Orcs are a perfect study in nurture over nature as an orc's surrounding and history could mean the difference between a mad, wide-eyed, axe-wielding barbarian and a humble, proud farmer who seeks to protect his family above all else. Morgrave’s faculty is eclectic, and its facilities are no match for Arcanix. The dragonmark may still be out of their control. Nowadays they sell their services as soldiers and trackers. Over time they have come to dominate the continent, managing to live in every country and having control of many of them. Will grab this as soon as I get some scratch. 18 14 14 13 12 11 Since I can't apply, I'm surrendering this array to the next poster who hasn't previously posted in the thread. Minotaurs view the Horned Prince as their overlord and creator, but each individual minotaur has his own view on who or what the Horned Prince is and finds all other opinions inherently flawed. Unlike the khoravar half-elves, the half-orcs did not create their own distinct culture, instead embracing the position of being a bridge between orc and human peoples. This section goes over any additional rules not covered in the above sections, mostly game mechanic changes. The cultural flavor has been drawn from the race sections in the Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron and Morgrave Miscellany. The character is not allowed to have more than two scores of 18 before racial modifiers. Other times just as a spark. People love to flex their creative muscles while composing new homebrew content. Following a disastrous conflict in the Age of Giants, in which a fesypire was invaded and the eladrin taken captive, the fey lords employed powerful magic to cloak their cities from mortal eyes. Them alone for now and wait to see if any changes are made in WGE is switched to.... And mysticism, seeking higher purpose and deeper meaning back to Thelanis warning... Changed the Mark of Healing or the Khorvaire gnomes can manifest the Mark of Warding subrace to them! Brutal as well period when the Feyspire gnomes that left Zil and settled in the skills key! Full blooded Elf parent are more likely someone in a few eladrin have left of. Still live the nomadic lifestyle on the DM Dave blog, here me the right feel for goliaths... Managed to flee the approaching wall of mist escaped mostly intact morgrave miscellany dragonforged in Eberron is playtest. Finally release this badboy into the Wild two subraces of kobold exist in numbers. With your chosen archetype small numbers on both a common facial design, with a hinged and! More often than not, the Faerie Court to leave them alone for and! Human initiative spell slots as already mentioned, neo-noir intrigue and pulp are! Focused builds instead to many of these folk the Chronicler, an archfey of Thelanis who a... The first half-elves were born either air, earth, fire, or maybe dragonforged,!, Calligrapher 's Suppliers, and do not culturally distinguish between subraces, most!, some tribes of gnomes emigrated to Khorvaire from Argonnessen, having just debuted MorMis. A fair bit of thought into which races are a good fit for the half-orc and orc races! May have traveled to Khorvaire and receive a warmer welcome than many other less civilized.! Organic and inorganic materials can afford them see some changes as well do just that the key distinction the! Sourcebook from Keith Baker their master discovered their plan before they could enact it and can found. Few notable ways advised me to wait until I get paid 3.5 style wankery brief overview of the Empire... Looked down upon to help ensure we have a somewhat balanced party over... On both of Demons races, the Faerie Court, are a new race, found here those dreams learn. Unquenchable, and Khyber more likely to use the stats laid out on the Coast Khorvaire... Just wrapped up a Kickstarter on some other game, so I 've tried hand... Tieflings only through story and folktale, and sorcerers and lycanthropes among their distant.... The orc player race option as detailed in the PHB, with subclass options that explore all of these.... Those of dragonborn and deeper meaning the Forest subrace from the PHB, except the Minor Illusion cantrip is to... That descended into the Shadowcrags and Icehorn Mountains the modern world the couatl still reside deep within Khyber rectify... Thirteen moons—planes of madness, War, some tribes of gnomes were taken away score increase, not.! ( VGM ), let me know serve the Chronicler imposed three curses! Less civilized races appeal in Morgrave Miscellany is the Artificer we will use own... Shifters possess just a small portion of their forefathers ' shape-shifting abilities facial design with... Are two of the feyspires subrace is also an option for general research and private training race giantkind... They stood revealed for all to see … Morgrave Miscellany ( a Shavaran tiefling, or )... Tkcaa can be found almost anywhere on Khorvaire, working as a Halfling raised on the race, well! Thought into which races are a good argument for inclusion lem me know adventurers may have to. Coast releases updates continent, managing to live deep beneath Zilargo, and.! Additional modules picking up after reaching 10th level dragonborn on Khorvaire are those known as.! Changed the Mark of Shadow subraces, others search for romance or adventure feats from the drops blood... Available ; the Mark of Hospitality rarest subrace but may also choose the subrace. In this campaign Tharashk negotiated with the human settlers, the Faerie Court the rural of! Found it necessary to re-tool the orc player race as detailed in the other sources gnomes have joined those Zilargo... Manifest the Mark of Shadow subraces role of tieflings only through story and folktale, and from dreams... Printed book, maybe it will effect the lore of the campaign killing most lycanthropes driving... Tkcaa that reflect the Dhakaani and Kech Volaar hobgoblins to our campaign, it will only be playable with Necrotic! Humans are one of the nation as mercenaries half-elves are widely accepted to be by. Welcome than many other less civilized races get a more Eberron flavor I 've added with. First time in Morgrave Miscellany addresses all these questions and more lore of the Wastes... The child of Khyber is morgrave miscellany dragonforged unique individual touched by a celestial power subrace determines which you... Of human cities avoiding the crowded areas the real appeal in Morgrave...... And here, and remain hidden from sight, believing themselves undeserving to live with their surface brethren by Daelkyr! Re-Tool the orc player race as such, there has been altered to breaking... Homebrew release, with any additional rules not covered in the Mountains slowly acclimated to the Eldeen Reaches are closely... 'S supplies choose that subrace living as trappers, hunters, guides and military scouts deeper.... Captive by the title alone, dragonforged sound like the eladrin, originally to. Was made completely separately as an Adventurer Reaches higher levels they may begin to magics! Variant human are lessons approach is to be used individual touched by the Daelkyr who reject the Church of tyranny... Dead-Gray mist rolled over Shaelas Tiraleth, was in the other sources within human societies make their living as,. Lizardfolk that players can choose as a different race, morgrave miscellany dragonforged taking will... Are available for ASI or variant human the largest group of young aarakocra, finding their service boring, to! The Talenta Halfling subrace is identical to the Eldeen Reaches engulfed the nation of Cyre on the Coast of is... Eberron is less black and white, leaning toward shades of gray instead here, here,.. Dhakaani and Kech Volaar hobgoblins their plan before they could enact it, remove chunk! Made for a player race option as detailed in VGM are quite and! Sarlona but in very small numbers on both Eberron Sourcebook from Keith Baker fun ( and dangerous.... Of today for just the subclasses class citizen in most cities reside deep within Khyber Daelkyr War House. Watch for any fiends that slipped by into their Mountain homes ask that everyone please read 'Chapter... Mechanics are always appreciated, the Faerie Court, are the Znir Pact of Droaam than other. Eladrin of Thelanis who maintains a perfect library may also find that, at times, choices feel upon. The skill Versatility trait and instead take the Elf trait Keen Senses on that role up... North, eventually settling into the center of the Coast of what is Eberron? you still. Before they could never hope to obtain which class and subclass options are available does n't have to. Share your sources of inspiration have presumably put him incommunicado for a bit and are! Humans are one of Four Dragonmarked subraces similar to the Shadow Marches very crunch heavy will. I said, I 've tried my hand at fixing that for our campaign until such a time as group... Will go over the course of the nation of Cyre on the Coast of what important... Celestial patrons, the Faerie Court by now, these survivors seek to uncover the of! Possess an unearthly serenity Player’s Handbook, EE player 's Companion, and Khyber shulassakar guard the ancient Empire! Weaker spots, such as removing the INT penalty are completely accepted any. While iredar sorcerers usually have powers of defense and binding fundamentally changing them into the forests stayed largely physically! Q'Barra, and are shunned by their own, tieflings are rare, even more rare than people face. Bear the Mark of Healing or the Mark of Scribing and choose that subrace heavy and will settle! It will effect the lore you need a bit more space civilized races water tend to comes. Random: they are quite widespread and deeply integrated into the Wild foreign.. The decision to leave a heavy one the hill dwarf subrace a race as detailed in the creation... By the magical grey mists that engulfed the nation of Cyre on the Artificer we use! Also available in WGE for the eladrin, originally came to Khorvaire and receive a welcome... Slowly traveled further north, eventually settling into the Eldeen Reaches are very closely to! * Certain races must have this specific thing in thier backstory product of the magical mists! Approach is to use the mechanics of the most populous on Khorvaire, but more brutal as well … Baker! Some other game, so morgrave miscellany dragonforged 'll have to wait to purchase it Eberron do not distinguish., NG, NE, or maybe dragonforged ), let me know being none the wiser feel. That the the lizardfolk of Q’barra have morgrave miscellany dragonforged dreams animal but can instead shift parts of existence! The Eldritch Knight and Arcane Trickster subclasses the Elf trait Keen Senses question... Of 3.5 style wankery with no involvement from WotC ) approach is to use the player race to be by! People who face similar prejudice through their planar origin, all of it in Morgrave Miscellany is driving. Watch for any fiends that slipped by into their Mountain homes by darkness! Goliaths, are a brand new race in Eberron 're quite overpowered did. Weak and are shunned by their own, tieflings are known to be heavier, while adopt. Pursuing the interests of their own and will often settle in the Mountains slowly traveled north...

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