BAD BREATH Strikes all enemies with sleep / mini / confusion / frog / mute / poison. Win: Bolt Plume, Echo Screen, Hi-Potion Steal: Bolt Plume Morph: Swift Bolt Tonadu Location: Corel area In the hallway where the turks are you'll … level 1. 5 comments. Top Voted Answer. Cloud: Barret: Tifa: Aerith (Aeris) Red XIII: Cait Sith: Yuffie: Vincent: Sephiroth: Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) Recommended … This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the damage it can inflict with its … The reward for completing this side quest is Cloud’s strongest weapon, the Ultima Weapon: 100% Upvoted . You can first learn Aqualung from the Harpy enemies in the desert area around Gold Saucer on Disc 1. Meteorain - Continuously attacks multiple enemies Finishing Touch - Removes all enemies from battle; or if that doesn't work, attacks all enemies Level 4. His damage might not be the greatest, but that's not the main draw of this particular summon. I played there for a few days and got from level 72 to 99 with cloud. The Unknown is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. I"m trying to max out my character's and materia but I'm getting bored of the sunken Gelnika. That's all there is to be found in the Gelnika.. as far as treasure goes. Replaying ff7 and my fave part is gold saucer and getting a gold chocobo plus side stuff like stealing rare items from enemy monsters, morphing monsters into rare items, and secret locations and enemies like the Weapons and Sunken Gelnika/Gold Saucer/Wutai. share. Serpents in the Sunken Gelnika are the best way to learn Aqualung if you're already on Disc 2 or later. Some Unknowns in the Sunken Gelnika would receive a 9999 damage from the conformer. Boss: Jenova*DEATH The creatures below line the path to a pivotal encounter with Sephiroth. Grenade. Sure, the enemies are harder, but it is sure worth it. Bleach Plug in Gongaga Village. Learn from: Harpy (Gold Saucer Area, World Map), Jenova-LIFE (Forgotten Capital), Serpent (Sunken Gelnika) Laser Lessens one opponent's HP by 1/2, doesn't tend to work on stronger enemies; MP: 16; Learn from: Death Claw (Corel Prison), Dark Dragon (N. Cave) Frog Song Causes [Sleepel/Frog] on one opponent, doesn't tend to work on stronger opponents; MP: 5; Learn from: Touch Me (Gongaga Area, … Sunken Gelnika. 1 Stats 2 Formations 3 Locations 4 Battle 4.1 Strategy 5 AI script 6 Trivia 7 Related enemies The Unknown's Tongue attack has two different animations, but no difference in effect. It appears to be a deformed biological experiment being transported in the Gelnika. Frog Song: Learn from: Touch Me (Gongaga area), Toxic Frog (Temple of the Ancients), Christopher (Northern Cave) Manipulate: Yes, not necessary: Description: Inflicts Frog and Sleep … User Info: shadow666. Serpents in Sunken Gelnika are good for this with their Aqualung ability as are the Parasites in Northern Crater with their Magic Breath ability. The place is filled with invaluable items, equipment and materia, so it is definitely worth a look. best. Check out the Materia Leveling section of the tips and tricks area for more information and head to the Northern Cave to level both at the same time.. An alternative strategy is to fight monsters and enemies in the Sunken Gelnika.Check out the Sunken Gelnika section for more information about … 6 KROKÓW WYJŚCIA Z ALERGII – ONLINE. After that you'll have to wait until Disc 2 when you gain access to the Sunken Gelnika. The Sunken Gelnika can only be accessed once you've acquired the submarine later on during Disc 2. The enemies here will give around three times more EXP than the ones at Mideel, but they make you work for it. The only time I have heard of it being used is in the Sunken Gelnika to farm sources and even then it can only be used on some of the enemies inside there. Once you get the Conformer with Yuffie you should use Mega All which will use Morph on all enemies. Item: Effect: Where to Obtain: Sell Value (Gil) Power Source: Permanently raises a character's Strength by 1: Morph Unknown, Heavy Tank, Screamer: 1: Guard Source : Permanently raises a character's Vitality by 1: Morph Unknown 2, Bagnadrana, Spiral: 1: Magic Source: Permanently raises a character's … Special: Damage depends upon strength of enemy it's used on. If a double is rolled, the damage is multiplied by 2. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Found in a hidden treasure chest in the Sunken Gelnika's generator room. #4. cefcasans. I recommend going into the north crater with at least 1 elixer, and a w-item materia. I"m at the Sunken Gelinka and i'm trying to morph enemies for power/magic sources and I"m not having any luck. 7 … It's near the Gold Saucer, head south from the sub port near Costa Del Sol, you do indeed just bump into it to enter. where are some good places to get lots of xp/ap? save hide report. By this time of course, you'd already have access to … Leveling Characters. Read More If you haven't been to the Gelnika at this point, you can also fight Reno and Rude for bonus EXP as well as find a new weapon for Cloud, Yuffie's Ultimate weapon and the awesome Double-Cut Materia, along with a whole host of other goodies. 600.00 zł 200.00 zł . Basically what you need to do for this glitch is put … User Info: Metafractal. This thread is archived. I find it hard to believe that a considerable number of walkthroughs would say that, as the Gelnika is an aircraft, not the sunken red sub. going up to it will get you the huge … Whirlwind Maze Enemies. (Note: Morphing the enemies here will provided you with … I've beat all of the storyline minus the northern cave/final area. However, the opposition in the sunken airship is rather strong: the Serpent, Unknown, Unknown 2 and Unknown 3 are … Sort by. The enemies in here are very tough (as is the boss battle with the Turks that takes place in one of the hallways), so do not miss the chance to hit that save point. Just like Doomtrain, Hades' Black Cauldron attack causes enemies to be inflicted by any of the following status ailments — Poison, Confuse, Sleep, Silence, Mini, Frog, Slow, and Paralysis. Not only does the Sunken Gelnika include a battle against the Turks, it’s home to some of the toughest enemies and best items in the entire game. Kutless, I believe the best place to level up is gelnika. The best way to do this is to give Yuffie the Conformer and the Morph materia, since her ultimate weapon isn't decreased in power when using morph. 6) Find the Sunken Gelnika 7) Locate the Da-Chao Cavern 8) Turtles Paradise Flyers. All Creation - Hits all enemies once, causes heavy damage. BETA A swirling red aurora surrounds the battleground hitting all enemies. Blade Beam - Diffuses after hitting one enemy, thereby hitting all enemies Climhazzard - Attacks one enemy Level 3. I've tried this different ways, it just doesn't. I didn't realise Yuffie's level mattered either so good to know. The W-Item Duplication Trick still works on items used in battle, but it no longer works on duplicating sources during battle. Do the … You can manipulate enemies using the yellow Manipulate Command Materia. One warning, though. Cognizant Limbs: Schizo, Carry Armour, Proud Clod, Helletic Hojo, Emerald Weapons, Jenova-Synthesis, and Bizarro Sephiroth. In the game, to view enemy names, toggle on the in-battle information display by pressing Select on a … Turks:Reno (Sunken Gelnika; Midgar Underground): Touph Ring (Tough Ring) Turks:Elena (Midgar Underground): Minerva Band Ultimate Weapon (Mideel): Curse Ring Ultimate Weapon (various): Reflect Ring Ultimate Weapon (final battle or penultimate battle, Cosmo Area or various): Circlet Tips. It’s really a no-brainer to head on in there. Tip: Manipulate enemies then use their abilities on your party to deal a lot of damage and raise Limit Levels. You'll find this dungeon in the Gold Saucer region underwater in a cove, a screenshot of what you're looking for is above. Level 1 Dice - damage determined by numbers on a dice. Guideliines First and foremost, you need to get to Disc 3 for the Mega-All materia. ¤ Cait Sith. Molbor in Gaea’s Cliff / Northern Cave. Serpent: Found in the Sunken Gelnika dungeon. It appears to be a deformed biological experiment being transported in the Gelnika. This summon can turn the … He's obtained in the sunken Gelnika's cargo room, and costs 150 MP to summon. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Aeris - Great Gospel. The manual can be found in the cargo hold. 1 Stats 2 Formations 3 Locations 4 Battle 4.1 Strategy 5 AI script 6 Gallery 7 Trivia 8 Related enemies Unknown 3 will counter all attacks with Creepy Touch, which always inflicts the Sadness status. I also want the best end game power materia combinations and know that someone here posted it but I cannot find it in my search. The player is then given the … The Unknown 3 is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. This can be found in the Sunken Gelnika. Omnislash - Continuously attack multiple enemies Barret. The Gelnika is a sunken airship: you can gain access to it right after you get control of the submarine. Now, onto the next part! Kill 76 more enemies (136 total) Big Brawl: 3: 8 random attacks: Use Dragon Dive 5 times: Highwind: 4: 18 random attacks: Use the submarine to reach the sunken Gelnika, an airplane wreck found in one of the bays. Cowardly Boss / Get Back Here Boss: Ultimate WEAPON, which runs away after the first, and only mandatory, fight against it in Mideel. The Sunken Gelnika is found quite easily, you can access it as soon as you acquire the submarine, and there are some fantastic items in here. Final Fantasy VII Characters. Boss in Mook Clothing: Numerous enemies in the Sunken Gelnika and in the Northern Crater. CHOCOBUCKLE A fat Chocobo falls on … This is the first Limit Break that becomes available to you in Final Fantasy 7 and … Some enemies need to be manipulated in order to perform the Enemy Skill, while you will have to wait for others to be cast. Martin Cross, I did all of those things against high-level enemies in the Sunken Gelnika. 2: Also, make sure that you already have accomplished these three additional sidequests: Lucrecia’s Crystal Cave, The Sunken Gelnika, and The Da-Chao Five Cavern BIG GUARD Creates a barrier around your allies protecting them from damage. Level 1. Boss Rush: The Battle Arena. Apr 16, 2014 @ 12:25am Ah, thanks for the note. Metafractal - 11 years ago 3 1. 3 Bars - Summons a random creature; 3 Crowns - Toy Soldier; 3 Stars - Restores HP and MP; 3 Hearts - Makes party members do critical damage; 3 Moogles - All party … Leveling up characters can be done in the same manner as leveling up your Materia with AP. Yuffie's "Conformer" weapon also gives the highest damage for using Morph with and usually has the same damage output as a normal attack. You can't enter the red submarine you sink. This way you can farm sources in the Sunken Gelnika. You'll notice you can obtain every type from enemies in the Sunken Gelnika, making it an ideal place to train. Apr 16, 2014 @ 5:32am The formula for Conformer's damage is: Damage= … Yuffie's Conformer Ultimate Weapon allows you to hit for full damage when you Morph a target, if you're not familiar with Morphing in this game I recommend you read my Sunken Gelnika Source Farming Guide. It is located southwest of Costa Del Sol, when heading to the river that separates the western continent. This dungeon offers some of the best loot in the game as well as houses some of the hardest enemies. The next side quest to complete is to defeat Ultimate Weapon. Big Shot - Attacks one enemy Mindblow - Reduces one enemy's MP … Without morph she did max damage but when using it, she did about 1200. The odd, mutated enemies in … Vincent | Death Penalty Visit Lucrecia's Cave with Vincent using either the submarine or a green, black or gold chocobo; and watch the story sequence … The most useful place for this is the sunken Gelnika ship underwater, the monsters there turn into +1 stat consumables. 1: Before going back to Rocket Town, make sure that you already acquired the Key to the Ancients and the Huge Materia from the Red Submarine. < > Showing 1-6 of 6 comments . The Gelnika is the crashed airplane which you can explore once you have the submarine about halfway through Disc 2. This place holds many powerful enemies that can be morphed into Sources that can increase your stats. Midgar Zolom in Chocobo Farm. The Unknown can be morphed into a Power Source, used to upgrade a character's Strength … Level 2 Slots - Three slots used to determine the type of damage. #3. martin_cross. HP: 2,000: MP: 0: Level: 32: Exp: 900: AP: 100: Gil: 400: Steal: Right Arm [8] Drop : Right Arm (14.06%) Morph: Right Arm: Elemental Weaknesses: None: Elemental Resistances: Fire (Half), Earth (Nullifies) Status Immunities: … shadow666 (Expert) - 11 years ago 2 0. They're fairly strong, but shouldn't be anything you can't handle. You can get all the 6 different Sources here.

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