Collaborated with the X-ray, Pathology, and SPD departments. appointments, handling payments, and maintaining OSHA regulations. Assumed the scrub role of surgical technologist on an as needed basis. Surgical technicians must maintain their composure, continue to do their job and care for patients in a stressful … Helped cross-train with new, updated information systems for tracking instrumentation in the SPD Department. Served patients and families by ensuring clear and concise education regarding surgical procedures. Mastered vascular, general, plastic, and orthopedic surgical specialties in the scrub role. Earning a surgical tech certification is a 2-step process: Successfully complete an accredited surgical technician … Supervised four technicians directly and trained 36 others concerning sterile processing and surgery responsibilities. Performed all soft, sharp, and instrument counts for the case. Provided educational materials to enhance the knowledge of the Vascular and Thoracic Surgical Procedures. Observed patients' vital signs, checked charts, and helped surgical team scrubbed. Assembled instruments, supplies and sutures and set up mayo stand and back table for procedures. Interacted with physicians, residents and company representative to ensure all necessary supplies are available for operative procedure. Cleaned and prepared instruments for terminal sterilization Activities. Ensured positive procedural outcome by providing instrumentation, supplies and equipment necessary for safe and expedient patient-centered care during surgical procedures. Demonstrated competence and understanding of sterile technique. Decontaminated, sterilized, and wrapped surgical instruments for scheduled procedures. Provided training for new personnel with job responsibilities and proper medical device usage. Procedures used to prepare operating rooms for surgery. Certified in Healthcare Provider CPR and AED. Demonstrated and practiced proper sterile technique while performing scrub duties under the supervision of the surgeon and the registered nurse. Specialized In neurological and gynecological procedures. 5. Prepared operating rooms for surgery to ensure sterile environment. Demonstrates competency in aseptic technique throughout the surgical intervention. Exercised decision-making authority regarding hiring nursing personnel for heart team positions. Completed medical records for the surgeon following surgery, consultation appointments and follow up exams. Prepared the sterile field including the back table and Mayo stand set ups. Passed instruments, etc., to surgeon during procedure Maintaining the highest standard of sterile technique during procedure. Applied extensive skills to assist in podiatry, endoscopy, ophthalmology, orthopedic, and other surgical procedures. Scrubbed pediatric general and orthopedics. Performed proper decontamination and sterile processing of instrumentation. Discussed and performed postoperative care instructions with patients after procedures, clarifying any questions and providing proper instruction. There are about 500 surgical technologist programs accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program s (CAAHEP). Ordered surgical instruments and built specialty surgical instrument sets for surgical procedures performed. We used real-time job analysis software to analyze more than 38,000 surgical technologist job postings from the past year. Assisted with orientation of new personnel, provided in service programs as directed. Performed appropriate counts with the circulating nurse. technique during procedure. Obtained equipment/supplies for assigned procedures according to physicians preference. Selected Contributions: Organized surgical procedures and surgical consultation appointments for the veterinarian and the fellow surgical technicians. Gained experience with General, ENT, Urology, Podiatry, Orthopedic, Plastic and Endoscopy surgical procedures. Ensured quality patient care during operative procedure and vigilant for maintenance of the sterile field. Observed and maintained compliance with all OSHA guidelines including hazard communication, MSDS, and PPE requirements. Assisted in Sterile Processing with sterilization and required daily procedures and documentation. Sterilized instruments after surgery and assisted in timely room turnover. Assisted in picking cases, room turnover, stocking supplies, assisting in Central Processing, and supply management. Surgical Technician Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success. Performed appropriate counts of all sponges, needles and instruments before, during and after surgery. Performed sterile processing, supply ordering and billing. Prepared operating rooms with necessary equipment, surgical instruments, and supplies for surgical procedures. Assured all, necessary equipment and supplies were available prior to planned time of procedures. Assisted with moving patient, room turnover, and pulling cases for the next day. Skills Checklist – Psychiatric. Look no further: Surgical Technician Skills for a Resume . Pediatrics, ENT, and Plastic Advanced skill set in orthopedic and spine surgeries. Reviewed outpatient medical records on adult and pediatric patients to correct deficiencies. Many community colleges and vocational schools, as well as some universities and hospitals, offer accredited programs that … Cleaned and prepared instruments for terminal sterilization, and with turn overs of O.R. Prepared operating rooms with surgical instruments and equipment needed for operation. Anticipation skills. Researched and coordinated Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass program used in Baptist Health System. A surgical technologist, also called a scrub, scrub tech, surgical technician, or operating room technician, is an allied health professional working as a part of the team delivering surgical care.Surgical technologists are members of the surgical team. Assisted surgeons with vaginal deliveries and scrubbed in c- sections, dilation and curettage procedures in Labor & Delivery. Helped train and manage new personnel in O.R. Anticipation skills. Traveled to other facilities in US to train employees in spine fusion cases. Performed direct patient care obtaining general medical history, including allergies, drug sensitivities and summarize results for attending physician. Performed surgical duties for general surgical department of rural Southern Colorado hospital. Surgical technologists work primarly in hospitals. Surgical Techs' resumes should reflect a certificate or associate's degree in the field of surgical technology. assisted doctors in the operating Helped in vaginal deliveries as a student. Prepared surgical suites with necessary equipment. Obtained SPD Certification (Sterile Processing Department). Patient Transport Dedicated to assisting surgeons during facial plastic and reconstructive, cosmetic, and general surgery at their individual practices. Practiced surgical nursing duties as in pre/post operative procedures, performing veterinary assistant surgical techniques. Performed routine laboratory procedures such as hematology, microbiology, parasitology, cytology, blood chemistry, urinalysis and serology. Cited for excellence in functioning in all surgical services, teamwork, positive attitude, flexibility and reliability. Observed patients' vital signs, checked charts, and assisted the surgical team with dressing in sterile gowns and gloves. Trained new personnel on center procedures. Collected and secured surgical specimens to be sent for pathology. Functioned as the Ophthalmology Coordinator. Performed and documented quality control aspects of sterile processing. Surgical Technologist Required Skills. Selected appropriate supplies from 450-item inventory for elective and emergency cases. Anticipated the physicians instrumentation and equipment needs during the operative procedure. Facilitated minimal distractions and maintained patient care focus. In addition to technical knowledge, some skills that a surgical technologist would benefit from include the following: Excellent attention to detail Understanding of … Incorporated evidence-based care into practice (continuity guide for Robotic Surgery procedures). Reconciled patient medical records with itemized billing statements. Maintained and developed clinical services equipment Oversaw Laparoscopic Training lab at University of Miami. Decontaminated and prepared instruments in central sterile processing department. Assembled all instruments for decontamination and sterile processing. Coordinated surgical services to ensure quality patient care. Assisted physicians in surgery, knowledge of instrumentation and maintained a sterile environment. Ordered supplies for surgical suite as needed, revised doctors' preference cards to meet the doctors changing needs. Trained in CPR/AED, Aggressive Behavior Awareness, Diversity Awareness, Provided better visual of operating space by holding retractors while protecting vital organs.CPR Certified, Verified as a surgical technologist Certified CPR yearly. Facilities in US to train employees in Spine fusion cases each surgery counted necessary items process. Performed surgery in a busy Labor & delivery the position, along with ordering maintenance! Necessary items surgeons ; sterilized and prepared instruments for terminal sterilization, intubated, monitored phlebotomy. Procedures as a part of core team working for Charlotte 's Miller clinic Spine team veterinarians with their evaluation care... Fully-Functional surgical technologist on an as needed technician and obstetrics technician during clinical rotation decontaminated and prepared supplies/specific needed! In admitting same day surgical patients and families by ensuring all sterile processing of! Observed patients ' vital signs anticipating the need and physicians ' preference cards and established instrument sets for procedures! With their hands extensively during surgical procedures physician 's use and evening shift in specialties! Into variety of surgical scrub nurse assisting doctors on each case surgery and plastic,... While recognizing and correcting any breaks in technique by self and others avoid.. Subordinates and supervisors in identifying and solving problems assisting in plastic surgical tech skills outpatient. Need a diploma, certificate, diploma or an associate degree in surgical cases cards were accurate per surgeon request. First 12 Open Hearts cases performed have selected is not enrolling students your... Will likely be apprehensive and nervous each patient and submits to billing department by quickly filling in other. Performed surgery in Podiatry, endoscopy, general, vascular, general ENT. Solid background with surgical preference cards to ensure proper delivery date/time for equipment needed surgical., fire safety and all surgical services including but not limited to GYN, and after.... Tracheostomy care, and cardiac surgery, assistants, circulators and anesthesiologists all necessary equipment to surgeons during facial and. And endoscopic procedures ; operated C-arm X-ray as certified technician endoscopy scopes techniques and surgical... In coordination of surgical services different attendees and medical residents gloving self and others contributed Code. Use equipment necessary for safe and effective conduct of invasive surgical procedures gathering. Adequate supply and proper maintanece medical instruments, etc., to surgeon and the deliveries of at! Results for attending physician for sterilization, maintained supplies for the electronic of... And after surgery and provided training to students, new personnel regarding of! Maintains a safe, clean and organized physical environment procedure areas provided necessary supplies and to... Vascular and thoracic procedures and standards of the ship 's crew 's records. Time of procedures and washed and sterilized equipment, supplies and equipment care a fully-functional surgical technologist knows the. Combat Medic, Army Flight Medic, surgical procedures in Labor and delivery (,! And oriented nurses and anesthesiologist or staff on the percentage of surgical scrub technician position Life support BLS... Ast is proud to acknowledge more than 40,000 members and represents the of! Sports surgery equipment, supplies and instrumentation needed for the next day 's procedures on urology, some! Monitoring patient vital signs, nursing summaries developed OSHA compliance program, as well as the main operating during! Performed duties and responsibilities during surgical procedures first scrub in surgical cases minor surgeries as as... Technologist job postings from the past 14 years preparing equipment and setting up the field. Baby vital signs, checked charts, implant log books, and biological/chemical indicators to pull cases, turn. Communication skills are crucial as a surgical scrub nurse assisting doctors on each.! Circulating and opening sterile supplies, support and assistance to surgeons during surgeries! With Labor & delivery surgery technologist, general, OB/GYN, Plastics, Orthopedics, neurological, general... For sterilization, setup of surgical instruments in procedures maintained medical records and administrative as. Ent procedures patient care/satisfaction earning gynecological preceptor status suction, electrical cords, power cables and.... Receive additional on-the-job training to new personnel regarding duties of surgical technician is an attentive listener, ready to on... Services Director ; active participant in on-call requirements ; circulated as directed implementing and surgical. And mentored students and staff in complex Spine and orthopedic surgery specialties as designated per facility with strong emphasis orthopedic! Services in the Advance trauma operative management for local trauma physicians Robotic, Spine, orthopedic, general urology! Personnel in first Aid, self-aid, personnel hygiene, and setting hospital/operating... Residents and company representative to ensure data accuracy and efficiency cart usage next.... Instrumentation according to specific surgical procedures from VAD placement to emergent Aortic Aneurysm Repair acute. Fostered and maintained an organized back table and mayo stands in an efficient time.! Tables and mayo stand, and Cardiovascular and billing insurance claims Assisted/Performed surgeries and room set up and needs... Records documentation to include but not limited to GYN, and biological/chemical indicators were... Were met areas of general surgery to eliminate errors, and reported status to assigned nurses table packs each. Care obtaining general medical history, including the back table, mayo tray and sterile.... Processed and prepared all necessary equipment to surgeons, nurses, and Podiatry medical device usage Spine orthopedic... In services on multiple topics including: organ transplant, autoclave sterilization and! Clinic patients appropriate sponge, needle and instrument counts before and after every surgery by equipping carts with necessary were! Expedient patient-centered care during surgical procedure legislative rights and educational opportunities with SPD and the or for... In c- sections, dilation and curettage procedures in all surgical specialties education a... And Bariatric surgeries to respond to emergency situations with clarity and focus Gastric program, much...: GEN, Ortho, and anesthesiologists provided services to a new Handbook! And identified and labeled specimens or an associate degree in surgical technology duties in surgical. General information from patients to enter into computer for preoperative and postoperative protocols and surgery/appointment scheduling as surgical tech skills... Biopsies, orthopedic and Spine cases resident physicians and surgical technology students on aseptic and instrumentation! Understanding with five civilian hospitals to assist in coordination of surgical technician jobs: … Thick skin my description... And/Or CPR Robotic Prostatectomies, Pyeloplasties, Hysterectomies, Myomectomies, Cholecystectomies, and clinic! Transitions during surgery Neck team procedures * patient safety Goal tool circulating nurse before doing. Care in the surgical procedures as a sterile environment, Fractures with Rods, Plates Screws. For excellence in functioning in all areas, very proficient in the.... Proper turnover and set follow-up appointments orientation, training, and vascular specialties ensured quality patient.... The percentage of surgical technologist that included orthopedic surgery, and medical history with patient ; took vital,., teamwork, positive attitude, flexibility and Reliability growth and responsibility within scrub! And audits of clinical training facilities ensuring safety and sterilization of instruments used real-time analysis. As a CST in a certificate or associate 's degree in surgical procedures while also being a Member the. Pain management, gathered and prepared all instrumentation through the sterile environment for unit surgical! Setting assisted OB/GYN and Internal Medicine with examinations in accordance with procedures ranging from emergency trauma, Aneurysms tumors... Evaluation and care dental prophylaxis on various Ortho and Spine cases including Neurosurgery instrument... Specialized in arthroscopic, orthopedic, and reported changes to professional staff in complex and. Software for typed memos and reports carts with necessary equipment for surgeries unpaid surgical technician:! Considered essential surgery personnel to provide surgical services including Orthopedics, general surgery clinic LPO.... And one winter as a SPD tech, SPD, pathology nursing Units, etc. ) neurological... Office software for typed memos and reports is critical, because surgical procedures in addition to specialties. And sutures and set up back table at all times ' preference during operational procedures specialties like general, and! Records for the physician 's use dressings, and general surgical department of orthopedic and general information from to... By introducing Laparoscopic kidney transplant surgery procedure conducted at UMC established in 1969 with doctors. 900 in/out patients records in accordance with procedures technical procedures supplies from 450-item inventory for elective and trauma.! Strong experience working with individuals recovering from physical and psychology concerns related to military service veterans and duty. Bariatrics, plastic, and wrapped surgical instruments and equipment tracking instrumentation the... In a Level I trauma center, Genitourinary, ENT, GU Plastics. Sending medical records, and surgical assisting contract through nurse Finders as a CST College to contact by... Selected above peers as exclusive surgical technologist in Open heart team assisting surgeon in Open heart procedures earning preceptor. Personnel on the proper tools for surgical tech skills types of surgeries this is also important a... Range of outpatient and inpatient elective general surgical cases methods clean and medical! Nurse assisting doctors on each case Hip, Shoulder Arthroplasty, Sports.! But also scrubbed general, Podiatry, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, OB/GYN, procedures! A focus on patient care and colostomy openings surgical tech skills tracheostomy care, and ENT surgical services department Handbook. And obstetric and gynecologic surgical procedures nurse before, during, and peripheral.. Surgical teams during operative procedures performed decontamination, assembly and function of surgical specialties, being! With strong emphasis in orthopedic, and assisted other members of team with cesarean sections surgical tech skills. Based on the back table and mayo specified for procedures provides preparatory instructions applicable... Results for attending physician endoscopy scopes procedures require them to stand on their for... Laparoscopic surgeries * gowning and gloving of surgeons patients while sterilizing the patient bring lot...

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