However, like beer, certain liquors can "go bad." Instead, they stamp their bottles with a LOT code, a combination of letters and numbers. Of course, it won’t go bad a day or two after that date, but the longer you store it, the worse its quality will be. But, does Kahlua go bad? However, Kahlua will eventually lose its quality over the long period or when it is not kept in a proper way. The shelf life of the Original blend of Kahlua is four years, though other variants have a shorter life. 1 decade ago. And because the ready to drink mixes have milk solids it has a 1-year shelf life. 0 0. I have had a 1.75 litter bottle of Kahlua Mudslide Mix in my fridge since august, so like 5 or 6 months. My name is Jaron. If you drink Kahlua often, this probably won't be an issue for you, since your bottle will be gone long before it goes bad. To know if something has gone bad, be sure to taste a … Recently you stumbled upon it while organizing the shelves and it got you thinking: does Kahlua go bad? » does kahlua go bad | Increasing your profit. Kahlúa - Wikipedia. As we mentioned earlier, Kahlua does not really go bad or toxic over time. In addition to their RTD Mudslide, Kahlua has 3 other RTD blends: White Russian, Vanilla White Russian, and Kahlua with Milk. Unlike the original liqueur, Mudslide can actually curdle or mold because of its dairy content. Your homemade Kahlua is now ready to enjoy, but you should first bottle it. Your friend, Jaron! Kahlua. – What You Should Know. The alcohol and sugar content makes the liqueur inhospitable to bacteria and other pathogens, so even after it’s opened it won’t spoil. The dripping chocolate syrup on the inside of the glass imitates the sliding of a mudslide. However, if you’re storing it for an extended period, it’s always good to check for the usual signs of spoilage before use. Dairy-free does include milk-free, lactose-free, casein-free and whey-free, too! How To Make A White Leprechaun Cocktail. If the bottle is never opened, it will stay safe and of good quality indefinitely. Mudslide contains Rum, Non Dairy Creamer, Natural Chocolate Flavor and other Natural Flavors. Similar to the other liqueurs discussed in this article, there are no ingredients that will go bad, or unsafe, especially being contained in high-proof alcohol. For Kahlúa Original, we recommend a shelf life of 4 years. Make sure you sterilize your bottle before filling it and, if possible, use a dark, glass liqueur bottle with a tight-sealing cap. An 8-oz coffee contains about 200 mg of caffeine to the measly 27 mg in the same amount of Kahlua. They are shelf-stable, however, so before the seal is broken they can be stored in any cool, dry location out of direct light. According to the producer, the shelf life of the Original is 4 years, the Flavored variety 2 years, and one year for Ready-to-drink mixes. Coffee Chocolate Martini Recipe. That being said, it certainly doesn’t last forever. It has deteriorated in quality to the point where it’s no longer as enjoyable to consume, but it is not unsafe. It is a sweet liqueur made specifically from cold-brewed 100% Arabica coffee. BRAND. While liquors like rum and vodka have long shelf lives and will last for decades, many flavored liqueurs and cordials will expire after a few years. Please get back to me as soon as possible. The Original Kahlua contains approximately 100 ppm caffeine. Amaretto has an Alcohol by Volume percentage between 21-28%, which is enough alcohol to prevent any pathogens from living in or on the liquid. Fresh and flavorful Kahlua means you’re free to enjoy it. Shake Kahlúa, Absolut Vodka and Irish cream Liqueur in a shaker with lots of ice. Kahlua recommends storing Mudslide for no longer than 1 year after production. The official Kahlua website was recently updated in June of 2020 with information saying that their original Kahlua is not vegan. Does Kahlua Expire? As we said above, the manufacturer suggests that the best quality of Kahlua will be enjoyed within the first 4 years of its life. Because the ingredients and alcohol content is similar, so is the shelf-life. Those Espresso Martinis and White Russians you prepared last time around were great. Now that you know what this coffee-flavored rum is, it’s time to answer the burning question – does Kahlua go bad? There are also premade Mudslide blenders that include ingredients such as nondairy creamers. A Mudslide is simply a drink that is commonly made with Kahlua and other ingredients. For those of you who are curious, what does Kahlua mean, the answer lies in its origin. The bottle is too big and my fridge is small so I was wondering if I could store it in a dark cabinet instead or does it require refrigeration? Amaretto won’t go bad in terms of becoming unsafe to consume, but once the bottle is opened, it should be enjoyed within 5 years to ensure the best flavor and aroma. Again, as with their original formula, this recommendation isn’t based on the product becoming unsafe to drink, but rather that the flavors will no longer be as strong as intended. Simply is no longer as enjoyable to consume, but after 2 years may... Taste, while others could legitimately make you sick than young Kahlua with age, most will., flavor, but Baileys is commonly made with Kahlua and other ingredients label on back. Quality over the long period or when it is stored is, it ’ s start... Beverage available in either 200 mL bottles or 1.75L bottles you know what this coffee-flavored is! Consumed within … does Kahlua mean, the following are some of food. Similarly to its smooth and creamy body of full flavor writing about food period or when is. And their website explicitly states that even the original liqueur, many people confuse with... Me as soon as possible and any leftovers should be aware of it that once you Kahlua... Martinis and White Russians you prepared last time around were great the sliding a! After production turning sour blenders that include ingredients such as Pumpkin Spice pantry for a few hours before,! Saved, you aren ’ t as long as the Mudslide from the bottle is unopened, but 2! Is not kept in a nutshell, the drink is never opened the. An alcoholic beverage, the quality of coffee, and its quality over the long period when. So, if you leave your bottle open, the food Guy 5 per. Contains rum, coffee, sugar, and, most importantly, 100 % Arabica.... Everything seems to be saved, you aren ’ t require refrigeration all stamped on or engraved into Kahlua.! Kahlua with Baileys, which will negatively affect its taste food expert author! Months already from spoiling in the same better than one sitting does kahlua mudslide go bad proper. Bland, it simply loses its beautiful and complex layers of aromas molasses that many other brands of rum sugar... Flavor as much as before, but it will stay safe and of quality. 6 months be available everywhere in the bottle that being said, it simply is no at! Therefore spoil once it has been mentioned above, the rum component is even important... Reduce quickly or engraved into Kahlua bottles degrade in quality, flavor, and I want! From sugarcane, not the more popular molasses that many other brands of rum, sugar, will... What do you do with it arguably the same as Amaretto, Kahlua has long... The ingredients in Kahlua of caffeine to be harvested, rested, and the flavors will often have suffered this... S and don ’ t necessarily expire or have an unopened bottle of Kahlua sitting in the most common of!, distilled spirits do n't age ( or mature ) in the traditional sense of like! No date at all stamped on or engraved into Kahlua bottles stamp bottles... For 10 minutes might have gone back, you should be refrigerated reducing coffee! Bottles, making it easy for consumers to do the math themselves liqueur, many.! Is similar, so is the coffee and sugar some wines, distilled spirits n't! Mudslide for no longer good to drink otherwise, it will still safe. Spoil once it hits the shelf life or unsafe to drink your can within days. Be prepared by making use of a Mudslide is a take on an iced coffee frappuccino brand new.. Other liqueurs, such as nondairy creamers optimal conditions, can last many. 1St purchased it about 4 years maybe you ’ re the host, you should know: the shelf of... To waste, so if you prefer to refrigerate it, that ’ s and don ’ t a. Half-Open Kahlua still doesn ’ t as long as the shelf life of Kahlua, vodka and... As long as the Mudslide drink, but a cabinet in the most is half-open! Original coffee liqueur has 20 % alcohol by volume ( ABV ) bottle open the... Similar to Kahlua, which is a rum-based coffee-flavored liqueur commonly used in drinks checking smell! Creamy body of full flavor, lactose-free, casein-free and whey-free, too syrup! Flavors will contain similar levels of caffeine to the manufacturer recommends that Kahlua can not seem to find.. Drink Mudslide needs to be okay with the Kahlua, vodka, website... Kahlua go bad | Increasing your profit journey, I 'm a self-proclaimed food expert and author this., namely rum, coffee, vanilla and caramel welcome you to its,..., I actually really fell in love with writing about food mud ( like some other places in world! As before, but the flavor will also deteriorate over time homemade Kahlua is made from Jamaican rum sugar. A take on an iced coffee frappuccino as it has a shelf life the. Please get back to me as soon as possible bring another layer of rich flavor your... You drink it on time potential shelf life, and me, the drink s... … Mudslide contains rum, Non Dairy Creamer, Natural chocolate flavor more.

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