Notopterus chitala. Experiment was conducted to test rearing of spotted featherback fish (Notopterus chitala Hamilton) in nine 1 cubic m cages at a density of 50 fish/cubic m by using different types of fed diet. The bronze featherback Notopterus notopterus (Pallas, 1769), which is distributed throughout the Indian subcontinent and into Southeast Asia, is unique species in the genus (Nelson, 2006). This fish is locally available in large in ponds lakes and rivers in and around Gulbarga. The present study was undertaken to know the difference between male and female blood biochemical parameters of the fish, Notopterus notopterus. The local fisherman popularly called this fish administration of GnRH-based drug, ovaprim @ … The present study aimed to definitively determine the population structure of a commercially important freshwater fish species in the Mekong basin. While Chitala and Notopterus are endemic to the Indian region and Southeast Asia (i.e., Sundaland and Indochina), Papyrocranus and Xenomystus are endemic to West and Central Africa [7]. iv) 3.5 Round Yellowish Notopterus notopterus v) 6.5 Round Yellowish Notopterus chitala vi) 2.0 Round Light brown Mastocembelus 2. Notopterus is widely distributed in India, Myanmar, Malaya and West Africa, N. chitala is exclusively found in the fresh-waters of India. Furthermore, the existence of a so-called barcode gap between these two groups, along with the fixation of more than 40 … diameter and maturation of eggs belida (Notopterus notopterus) obtained from the results of research . The true Chitala Chitala a.k.a Indian Clown Knife or ICK. The most common Notopterid is easily, the Clown Knifefish, Chitala chitala, with its numerous emarginated ventral eye-spots, though the gorgeous Royal Knife, Chitala blanci, with many more markings would outsell it if it were more available.. Notopterus notopterus, the Asiatic Knifefish, though being a somber gray overall is infrequently seen. Notopterus Notopterus (Razor Fish): There are two species of this genus, Notopterus notopterus (Razor fish) and N. chitala (Figs. Order: Osteoglossiformes Family: … Key words: Bundelkhand Region, Fish fauna and Fresh water. P2 = Ovaprim 1 ml / kg body weight Fou … DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FHOLI AND CHETOL Chitala chitala Notopterus notopterus 13. Chital fry (Initial wt, 5.6±0.19 g) were randomly stocked at the rate of 7410 per hector. We investigated the cytoarchitecture and surface ultrastructural characteristics of different cells lining the epithelium of the saccus vasculosus of Notopterus chitala (Hamilton, 1822). Life cycle of Protozoan parasite Al Nahian. In this study, genetic diversity and population structure of the bronze featherback were examined using nucleotide sequence analysis of the mitochondrial DNA control region for 332 fish collected from Tonle Sap Lake … The identification and distribution of endocrine cells within the gastro-entero-pancreatic (GEP) system of five species of the Osteoglossomorpha (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum, Scleropages jardini, Pantodon buchholzi, Notopterus chitala and Gnathonemus petersii) were analyzed by immunohistochemistry. Floating i) 0.9 -1.0 Round Pale-transparent Rhinomugil corsula ii) 1.0 Round Gloden amber Channa punctatus. Material and methods N. chitala (Ham.) information on the difference in the CS of fishes having different habitat i.e., freshwater and marine water. Introduction Feather back, Chital (Notopterus chitala) is a rheophilic important freshwater fish found widely in lentic waters. Major nutrient composition of different small us fishes (SIS) like protein, lipid, moisture, ash and carbohydrate were estimated species like Notopterus chitala, Notopterus notopterus, Ompok bimaculatus and Eutropiichthys vacha were also observed. Origin [edit | edit source] Asia: Indus, Ganges-Brahmaputra and Mahanadi river basins in India. Keywords: Stocking density, endangered, Notopterus chitala, survival rate, production. Notopterus notopterus, a commercially important food and ornamental fish, is showing declining trends in natural habitat. 24.7A and B). The N.notopterus, commonly known as bronze featherback, is a teleostean fish of the order Osteoglossiformes and family Notopteridae.The order Osteoglossiformes is … Etymology. However, scientific results about the application of bronze featherback (Notopterus notopterus) in fish sausage are lacking. Although the bronze featherback Notopterus notopterus is an important fish in South-East Asia, the population structure has not been investigated. Sexing [edit | edit source] It is difficult to visually sex this fish. Piyawan Tachasirinukun (2016) examined the effect of setting conditions on proteolysis and gelling properties of spotted featherback (Chitala ornata) muscle. The breeding in captivity is not known. Abstract. Since artificial fecundation and ranching are the envisaged strategies for conservation and rehabilitation of endangered species, N. notopterus, collected from Gomti river, was successfully bred by intramuscular (i.m.) In Chitala chitala hatching occurred around five days after spawning (Hossain 1999, Radheshyam and Sarangi 2005). Feeding trials were conducted under 3 treatments (T1: feed contains 35% protein, T2: feed … Introduction. THANK YOU ALL Recommended Gender inequality & discrimination Al Nahian. IntRoDUctIon Bundelkhand region is considered lobe a premier region of the country, because it has a number of small and large water bodies, reservoirs However, they have been bred in captivity, but mainly in Thailand where they are considered food fish. This species is widely distributed in deep and clear waters in the rivers, beels, reservoirs, haors, baors and ponds in Bangladesh (Azadi et al., 1994). Body is silvery white with minute brown spots. The fish, Notopterus notopterus (Pallas) were collected from local Sagar lake, Sagar, M.P., India. The present study is the first attempt to characterize ATPase6/8 genes in Notopterus notopterus and assess its polymorphism to differentiate genetic stock in Indian rivers. This species is widely distributed in deep and clear waters in the rivers, beels, reservoirs, haors, baors and ponds in (Notopterus chitala) available in Paschim Medinipur district of West Bengal were analyzed to assess their nutritive value. Chitala chitala (HAMILTON, 1822) Indian Featherback SynonymsTop ↑. In Xenomystus nigri, the number of eggs per spawning varies around 40–60 (Trittelvitz 1986) . Over the last few decades wild population of Chitala chitala (Hamilton-Buchanan) has been declined more than 50% due to various reasons and is presently listed under endangered (EN) category due to reduced abundance. B The unrooted network constructed with the software PopArt and a median-joining algorithm showing the COI hap-lotype relationships within the genus Notopterus. Classification. Notopterus chitala, Chitala ornata. Description: the average value followed by the same letter states no significant difference (p> 0.05) P0 = NaCl 0.9% with a dose of 1 ml / kg body weigh . Others / Knifefish / Asian Knifefish Profile: Asian Knifefish Notopterus notopterus Synonyms: Gymnotus notopterus Physical description: This elongated, laterally compressed fish has an arched back The body coloring is brown-violet to brown and the fins are lighter.The mouth is large, while the dorsal fin is small. The adult Featherback will be a plain brown while juveniles have dark … All species are restricted to freshwaters, although [7] reported that the bronze featherfish, Notopterus notopterus, may occasionally stand low levels of salinity. They are not very common in the hobby and probably the rarest featherbacks around. difference between the tissue nucleic acid content of the fish, N. notopterus (male and female). About three hundred animals were collected for this ex-periment in the month of February, 1987 since female animals have to be identified and separated in different aquaria. This fin stands upright and sways back and forth just like a feather in the wind. Mystus chitala Hamilton, 1822; Notopterus chitala (Hamilton, 1822); Notopterus maculatus Valenciennes, 1832; Notopterus buchanani Valenciennes, 1848. Chitala ornata) is another species of bronze featherback. Chitala: a Bengali vernacular name for members of this genus.. chitala: as above.. A higher number of eggs compared to N. notopterus were found in Chitala chitala, 300–500 eggs (Southwell and Prashad 1919) and up to 3500 in large sized C. ornata (Smith 1933) . P1 = Ovaprim 0.5 ml / kg body weigh . The markings of large black dots are different for most all of the fishes. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fish collection for comparative studies: The fish, Notopterus notopterus, weighing 90-100 ± 10g were collected from Khaja Kotanoor reservoir 15 km away from Gulbarga University campus. Mercuric intoxication at sublethal levels (1/5, 1/10, 1/15, 1/20 or 1/25 fractions of 96 h LC50) produced alterations in the activity of serum glutamic oxalacetic transaminase (SGOT) and serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase (SGPT) of Notopterus notopterus. In the present communication wild C. chitala were collected from natural habitats and induced to spawn under captivity during July 2002 by … The Bronze Featherback Notopterus notopterus gets its name from the small dorsal fin on its back. In this study, free embryos of N. notopterus, directly after hatching, measured 10.5 mm in total length, which however, is much longer to what Axelrod and Burgess (1981) found. The pics of Chitala Chitala that's been in many sites such as fishbase are actually pics of Chitala Ornata, which are more common in the hobby and can be seen in lfs. the saccus vasculosus in a freshwater fish, Notopterus chitala, is part of a study on the histophysiology of the saccus vasculosus in Indian fishes. The present study has been undertaken to know the difference between male and female blood biochemical parameters of the fish, Notopterus notopterus. The frequency and extent of aquatic and aerial respiration in Notopterus under different conditions have been determined. This study was aimed to evaluate the efficiency of three protein level feeds on the fingerlings production of riverine endangered Notopteruschitala (Hamilton, 1882) for a period of two months in ponds. The minimal genetic distance separating the genus Notopterus into two main groups is well above 3% (using cytochrome oxidase I marker) which is considered as a conservative threshold between population and species levels in Vertebrates. There is a regular exchange of gases between the cavity of the swimbladder and the exterior. of Notopterus notopterus (Penang State, west Peninsular Malaysia; 20 cm in standard length, voucher specimen number USMFC (3) 00002, NO_1). Notopterus is able to survive for long periods in foul water, if allowed to reach the surface to take in air. IntroductionFeather back, Chital (Notopterus chitala) is a rheophilic important freshwater fish found widely in lenthic waters. HABIT AND HABITAT Notopterus commonly inhabits marshy meadows, lakes, fresh-water of brackish water. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fresh water fish N. notopterus is selected for the present study. In the wild, they are most active between dusk and dawn, and will prey on resting fishes. iii) 1.25 – 1.35 Round Amber Channa striatus iv) 1.5- 1.7 Oval Amber Channa marulius 2. 1. Fish Parasitology Al Nahian. The blood biochemical measurements included glucose, protein, total cholesterol, HDL and LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, creatinine, enzymes-SGPT, SGOT and alkaline phosphatase. The saccus vasculosus, the richly vascularized reddish, sac like organ is situated on the ventral aspect of the diencephalon just behind the pituitary gland. Size/Length: To 14" (35 cm) Similar species: African Knifefish … They are inhabitants of freshwater, very tasty and liked by the people.

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